Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Great achievement, well done to both lads.


Great achievement and Luke Swan eligible again next year


Colaiste eoin lost by 4 points to kieran college, 2-21 to 2-17, in the leinster senior league yesterday I see. Anyone know are they going it alone this year in the championship too?


Yes. They’re in Dublin for U16. We play them in the final next Tuesday. Think they’re going to Leinster A at U14 as well and not playing In Dublin.


Good stuff. Dublin North hammered New Ross yesterday too


That’s a pretty respectable performance for a Dublin school.


Back in old God’s time, Joey’s from Fairview won Leinster Colleges hurling championships.


I remember getting my lunch one day (about 10-12 years ago) from a Centra in Fairview. There were a few lads out from Joey’s getting their lunch in fried chicken shops. Not the food of champions. I nearly choked on my quinoa bean wrap.




My old alma mater (year above me) used to have great battles with Joeys in the hurley. Would’ve been around the mid/late 70s right through to very early 80s. That the team you’re talking about?


Actually further back. O’Connell’s too.


Ah stop - 1945! Don’t mention the war!


Back when Guinness was good for you, according to the Toucans!