Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


nail on head regarding club activity at minor


Saw OPER against Crokes last night. Warm your heart. Crokes all round stronger but P,unketts had 3/4 lovely players including a little number 10 (I’ve no name) who was a wizard.

For Crokes Dara Purcell was in a different planet first half ( at least 7 from play). Midfielder David Crowe a prospect too.

The top few players from both teams all stick men. Hope they’re not passed over for under 17 county next year for lack of size.

Played in good spirit and Birmingham from Naomh Olaf an excellent referee.


He didn’t have the best game v Galway (who did) but have heard very good things about Purcell, hope he continues to develop and play.


Good roundup of the teams and how they got on



Talk of u20 going back to u21 and minor from u17 to u19 in 2020


An U20 hurling competition next year hurts us big time. One of our best underage teams will not now get another chance at underage.

U17 was always a daft idea. Never mind big days in Croke Park. Taking kids as young as fifteen from their clubs is crazy. So is exposing kids that young to the mad world of the inter county manager.


Always thought u19 made more sense.


A real shame, they ran both last year at minor and u17, should do the same transition next year.


It’s just a token gesture completion then though… The rules have changed and we have known this. This years team was likely the best opportunity for years at u21. U/19 makes a lot more sense to me also.

Or else just stop interfering and leave things as they always were at minor and u21.


U19 and u21 are a fairer reflection of who will develop into a senior team player, playing in croke park as a 16 May be too much for some kids.


There are too many competitions. To me, the Fitzgibbon etc should be gotten rid of for a start.


Have always advocated that sigerson and Fitzgibbon should not be for already established intercounty players but more for the club player to help them develope and participate particularly if away from home. Flogging already overloaded young lads in the depths of winter is stupid.


No player on any inter county panel should be playing college GAA. It is borderline abuse that they are allowed to.


The colleges competitions are to me, a step on the road to professionalism. Scholarships, stipends, fees being paid etc. Lads who don’t get to third level can f off. Meanwhile the under 21 competition is treated as a joke as a result.


it is the obvious solution. It’s the usual GAA thing of having too few on too many teams leaving the majoirty waiting for a break in their schedule.


And to think about all the shite and click bait articles Howard got for not playing for the college and keeping himself fresh for Dublin.


I heard Brian was the first ever lad from Raheny to go into third level.


Congrats to the two Dubs


Congrats lads!

When are the senior teams announced?


Congrats to the lads