Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Does that mean they knew that players would be unavailable to their clubs and didn’t care or that you are saying that the instruction not to play was in place when the vote took place???


What clashes? There shouldn’t be any clashes in February and March. And we’re talking about U16s here, not U17s and U19s


No need to tell them not to play football if they’re arranging friendlies in direct opposition to club matches. Seems self evident what is going to happen there.

Will they be arranging friendlies on hurling Saturdays for U16s?


Again, the point here is that no under 16 player was told not to play football.


No. They just weren’t given the choice.


OK CDG, I get it, you are involved and my post has annoyed you. If what you say is true communication between Mgt and player/players parents needs to be clearer. If two players have relayed “we are not allowed to play league football but when championship is on we are” to their club mentors I think the blame is with Mgt. Two players getting it wrong is not s coincidence.


Well I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree here Alan. Choice or not, no player was told not to play football.


Not disagreeing, it’s what I was told. If Mgt don’t take it as constructive and act on it with regards to communication then so be it. Anyway it was not an argument I was looking for. ATB


My issue is that they couldn’t play with their clubs. How that came about and who said what to whom is an after thought.


I’m not looking for one either, I’m just pointing out what I know to be true.


It was made very clear to the clubs at the meeting that County Minor matches were almost always on a Saturday and hence there would be clashes with u16 club fixtures and county minor fixtures. The clubs seemed happy enough once club minor remained at u18


So are we at a stage now where clubs do not have access to their players at U16?


It’s would appear so.


Who is in charge of Dublin 17s football and hurling this year?




Dublin colleges 1-6 kierans 0-5 25mins gone


Currie with the goal just half time


H/T Dublin 1-7 kierans 0-7


Hon the dubs!


Kierans 1-10 Dubs 1-9 40mins