Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Have to say the lack of players from the top clubs in U15 Div 1 is baffling. No one from Faughs, who are top by a mile. Boden and NaF joint second yet no one from NaF and only one from Boden. Vins 4th, no one from Vins. Yet Commercials, who are dead last and going down, have four and Barrog,who aren’t even in Division 1 have three.

Bearing in mind this team was well beaten in the qualifying tournament you’d have to wonder what’s going on.

Good to see 14s and 16s going well.


Is that not the b team?


The team posted above is in fact the U15 B squad, the U15 A squad to the best of my knowledge contains 3 Faughs players of a high standard, ot also contains 3 Na Fianna players, 3 from Boden and NO players from Barrog and 1 current Vins player although he is injured but has a lot of talent.

I’d suggest you do a little research before diving in, honestly it’s not good to make there statements as you are wrong!!


Grand so. OP could have mentioned that but there you

Edit. Mea Culpa. Actually says Dublin B on the programme.

Oh well…


The above quote is what I really have an issue with,

maybe they are just a weak group ?

The nature of Development Squads in Dublin is players tend to be away a lot gaeltacht or holidays and therefore a blitz a few weeks back is not reflective of a group good or bad,
I’m sure the mentors are good lads and are doing their very best!!



Firstly to repeat, I got it wrong re; the listed team. And obviously the comment you refer to could not apply to them as they are not the top team.

But now you bring it up re: the A team. I don’t buy the weak group theory with the resources both clubs and county are putting into all age groups. And it looks worse with all the teams around them (minor,16 and 14) doing very well.

It’s ok to ask questions.

And it’s worth noting that often teams at the 16 level in recent years have been the teams going on to do well at minor, Limerick being a good example and our first team to win the Arrabawn.

Losing is fine. But being hammered out the gate is going to get people curious. Especially as minor is now only two years away as opposed to three.



Dublin Results from Tony Forristal
Dublin 3-18 Clare 1-2
Dublin 3-10 Galway 0-11
Group Final
Kilkenny 2-13 Dublin 3-6

Great displays all and pipped in a good game by KK

U14B Sonny Walsh
Dublin 2-5 Tipperary 3-3
Dublin 0-10 Limerick 0-9

U15 Arrabawn
A games
Clare 1-20 Dublin 0-07
Waterford 2-17 Dublin 0-10
B Games
Clare 1-17 Dublin 3-11
Waterford 2-07 Dublin 3-11

Under 15A Arrabawn Plate Final
Limerick 3-20 Dublin 1-14

U16 Eugene Carey Tournament
Cork 1-9 Dublin 1-12
(made it to semi final lost to Galway who won tournament dont have full result)

Underage hurling is all about development and we certainly some good prospects and we can mix it with the stong underage set ups.

Comments like this in relation to development squads is silly. Not like many years ago kids, and stress the kids at U14 level, all get looked at by coaches and they all get a chance. The net is cast wide and to say league divisions justifies picking or not picking players is way off the mark.

Keep repeating these are development teams and apart from not being hammered the results are very much on the day. The aim of the panels is to identify and give the best coaching to young lads the u14-U17 age range the is a lot going on. Lots of superstars at minor never play for their clubs at senior adult level. Its getting them into the U20 bracket with skills and love of hurling is where Dublin need to be.

Said it previously the relationship with Dublin football and DCU is what we should be trying to develop with Hurling, would love to see UCD push hurling for Dublin players.


It’s not in the least bit stupid. If we were losing by a point or two fair enough but when all other teams are winning or at least competitive then it’s fair to ask a question about a year group that is being badly beaten. It happens so rarely now that it’s fair enough to wonder why.


Never said it was stupid, it was silly I said.

Answered your own question really. We are competitive at underage for along time, not winning national title which I understand is disappointing but still competitive. That shows were doing the right thing with development squads.

Asking questions as one grouping isn’t highly competitive isn’t reason to start questioning the whole thing.

I’d say again I happily lose every year u14_u17 if we could win an u21 all Ireland. All of these teams should be working towards that because if were doing it at that level well be on the way at senior level.

Don’t know what questions you exactly want to ask ?


Just to add. Cork u14 a and b…beating kilkenny by 6 pts in final and lost u16 final to galway by a point. Bring honest its about getting players exposure. Mark coleman and darragh fiztgibbon robbie o flynn played on cork b teams in these tournaments but they got the chance


Silly. Stupid. You get the point.

The question is very simple. Why, when every other age group is going very well, is this one being hammered? I hope the people in charge are asking it.


Why do you think they are ?


I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking the question. That’s usually what I do when I don’t know something.


If you don’t know what the problem is, then asking questions is a mute point.

The same template brought us success in Leinster a few times in recent past.

Some groups are better than others look at corks results in the underage tournaments yesterday, won easy at one age group and got a good beating at another. That’s sport.


Jumping to conclusions about the panel and it’s make up (which you did above) isn’t asking questions, it’s uninformed assumptions based on a little knowledge you have about league positions. Get to their games and you might be a bit better informed.

Some groups are weak, get injuries or don’t get much time to prepare!


I see this is not the place to question anything.

I already apologized for my mistake.

I’ll make enquires elsewhere.


I wouldnt be too worked up over underage. We had teams clean up before but we still have no minor or 21 all ireland to show for it. If we take beatings and learn from them and I include managers coaches and players in that, and it leads to success at 21 and or senior job done


Definitely but it’s still good to see other age groups compete and sometimes beat Munster opposition and Galway. Problems at minor could be lack of club activity at the sharp end of the county minor season, same with the u21s a lot of country club champsionships play over the summer which gives them an edge.