Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Being big has a huge impact at 15/16/17 - unfortunately skill becomes more important as you reach 19, 20 and things level out. I’m not saying Swan isn’t skillful (he definitely is), but he appears to be a bull of a kid and that is a huge advantage now.


Thought the same about clifford but to be fair he’s had a pretty good first season at adult level. It’s not all about swan though, the rest of the team didn’t look particularly big.


Ye that definitely as regards the impact of physicality at different ages. Swans ability and movement when catching the ball is excellent though as you said. He can catch it high out in front and also use his skill and positioning to catch it from behind. Not too many other ball winners in the forward line although they are young. Hopefully it comes with time. The wing forward can catch ball but we need a bit more.


Hes 6 foot five though is he? Some freak


I agree, but sometimes they maintain that advantage too. Rushe was a bull at underage, and remains a bull now. There are no certainties, but Swan remains a decent bet to be a good senior. But he is very young, its four years until he is 20 when you could conceivably be considered for senior selection. (Mind you if Cunningham was still in charge of the seniors he would probably pick him now!)


ah no - 6 3 maybe slightly less. Ciaran Foley is 6 4 and is taller when you see them side by side. But he’s a well built lad - much wider than the others. But def one for the future if the footballers don’t get him. Lots are dual with all the pressures that brings. We need success at hurling to draw the wavering ones to commit.


What height is he when they are standing side by side?


7 ft :joy::joy:. No badly worded but I meant that Foley is clearly the taller of the two when they are side by side and he’s 6 4.


Jack Buggy is a lovely player


Minor went true to form. We were probably the second or third best in it, which isn’t too bad.

By all accounts next year could be a better team.


Minor is just a stepping stone in a players development.


I agree in principle but I don’t think Dublin winning an All-Ireland Minor title could be overstated in importance.


It’s U17. It doesn’t have the same impact on senior as before.


Your correct cant be ignored what it would do but u21/u20 level in my mind is far more important indication of a player. Many the good 16 year old did nothing at adult level.


Anyone hear the Galway FB’s interview post game? Mentioned ‘the process’ a few times. Seems ‘the process’ is finally spreading it’s tentacles to the West, it just bypassed a few places en route, Meath and Offally in particular


Yes - same applies at U20 level if not more important.




Someone must have shown out lads to hold their Hurley’s correctly