Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


By the sounds of things it’ll bea mistake on their part as lads will be away.


A lot of talk here that problems in the air held us back. I see lack of touch, even when it comes to rising the ball, as a much bigger issue tbh.


I think the ‘held us back’ has to be qualified though. We won Leinster and beat Kilkenny and Wexford en route. Obviously improvements have to be made to win an All Ireland, but the debate is very much framed in the negative here. There are things we need to do to win an All Ireland, but I am not sure we are particularly held back in any regard. I was at all the games, bar one, and I think they were a hugely skilful bunch as was shown by reaching the last four in the country. Maybe that’s being overly pedantic - but I know what I mean at least :grinning:


There’s no doubt that we were poor on Saturday, and the basics let us down, but i am assuming those same players are capable of rising the ball better then that normally. It was a huge occasion for a young team and sometimes the basic dessert good players if they’re over anxious or overawed by playing in Croke Park.

The Tipperary seniors struggled to do the basics at times this summer, it can happen to a team sometimes, rusty, nervous etc. We wouldn’t have got that far if we couldn’t rise a ball better than what we seen on Saturday. We just didn’t play well unfortunately, seemed to panic a bit and it got worse unfortunately. (conditions were an excuse in the first half when both teams struggled a bit).


100 % true the amount of lip service that goes into wanting to play in summer months to the reality that lots and lots of games are brought forward and put back. There isn’t the appetite amongst clubs.

Our footballers not playing club championship in summer months doesn’t seem to hold them back.


That’s adult, how did Dublin minors footballers do with out club games to play?


How have we historically done ? Fine, the cream of talent are playing and training away. If you play club championship it’s just throwing extra on top that in reality there is no huge appetite for. In football our u18 minor teams haven’t been great in recent memory but it’s u21 where we have really developed fellas. Did Brian Fenton excell as a county minor ?

These are young kids playing as 16 year olds in croker, goals coming just before ht sucked the life out of them and killed the game.

Who they are as 16 year old is not who they will be as 22 year olds. It’s a development path, post leaving cert and college years is the drop off period.

For the club player and parents there are 52 weekends in the year, bar the bad winter months kids are out most weekend playing matches and nearly every week training. I know plenty of mentors,parents and players enjoy the few weeks break before it all kicks in again. Most juveniles down the country don’t get any competitive hurling until post paddy day where as dublin had a few rounds of league played. Participation in hurling is growing year on year and the structure of ccc2 is working.

I don’t want to be critical of kids but in reality the Leinster win showed we had a weakness in our fb line. Galway exploited us and bet us. Simple as, it wasn’t summer championship hurling, it was kids making simple errors and getting bet by a better team. Its not time to throw the baby out with the bathwater and bemoan past underage failures but to build and develop these fellas.

There are forwards on the team we haven’t developed as a county to senior level in a long time. The attitude of this management team is refreshing to hear I would hope the best of this team will be hurling as there number 1 as a result of the good year they had.


Galway also bottled up swan pretty effectively (albeit illegally often). They had their homework done.


I see the U15s were in action today. Seems the Arrabawn is now an U15 tournament and you have to qualify for the finals day at the end of August. A’s took two bad beatings from Clare (1-20 to 0-7) and Waterford (2-17 to 0-10). B’s drew with Clare and beat Waterford. Problem with Munster teams continues unfortunately. May not mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things but you’d prefer the results to be a bit closer.


Don’t forget we Won the u15s last year, assume we beat a Munster team along the way.


One swallow etc. It’s more the scores that are worrying. I know we have beaten Munster teams in these blitzes and indeed won them. But the 16 team that won the Arrabawn failed against Munster teams the next two years at minor. It’s definitely an issue.


One swallow does not a summer make but it ensures a damn good night.


Agree those score lines are a worry, usually more competitive than that.


We’ve won 2 minor Leinsters in the last 5. We won it in 2016 too.


WE won u17 Leinster last year as well beating kilkenny in the final 3-17 to 2-10

DUBLIN: Eddie Gibbons; Andrew Dunphy, Kevin Burke, Tommy Kinnane; Sean Kinsella, Enda O’Donnell, Lee Gannon; Tom Aherne, Mícheál Murphy (0-2, 1f); Mark Grogan (1-0), Billy Ryan (1-3), Kevin Kirwan (0-1); Liam Murphy (0-9, 6f), Kevin Desmond (0-2), Luke McDwyer (1-0).

Subs: Sam Beirnes for Kirwan; Andrew Carroll for Desmond.


I was talking about football in that particular post.


Apologies. So you were


U16s beat Cork at the weekend. Of this year’s minor panel, Luke Swan, Dara Purcell, Colm Walsh, Adam Waddick, Ryan Malone, Ben McSwiney, Evin Dowling, Conall O’Toole, Conor Murray and I think one or two others are all eligible for next year. Most of the above played at the weekend. They have beaten all the teams including Galway and Cork at some point over the past 12 months as far as i can recall. My understanding is that the team coming at current U15 are a bit weaker but they will be shored up by the current U14s. I wouldn’t despair too much -


and Finn Murphy


Not surprising, they won the u15 so should be very competitive at u16 this year. Having seen Swan at u17 i can imagine he’d be a real handful at a younger age group. Purcell as well. And Murray.