Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Fair enough, Kierans is academy for hurlers from different counties but the county team is representative of a lot of Kilkenny clubs.

Also true that Galway fellas be playing senior at high standard before Dublin.

You would wonder looking at the poor performances of all Dublin underage teams in hurling and football this year if there is too much value placed on development squads rather than letting them make their bones with their clubs.


A bit like Kilkenny themselves they have come back to the pack a bit…thank god for that. No borders anymore so they don’t have many if any from other counties like they used to.


Bill ryan from Craobh has anyway and I think Gannon from Whiehall probably has too. Probably one or 2 more.


There is.


The development squads are all well and good but it’s games where they’ll really learn.

Stil, I would not class that as a poor year for Dublin minor hurlers, beat one of the all Ireland finalists well in the leinster final.

Sure Saturday was disappointing but that’s an exceptional Galway team who have already beaten kilkenny by 22 scores to 12 (2-11 - 1-21) - sure we can struggle to match the very best team at times but at least we are getting there we are capable of beating the best of the rest most years. no way to know but I think we’d beat that Tipp team.


It was a good year no doubt about it. Between last years u17 and this years weve done well. Its a huge improvement on say 10 or 15 years ago and before. To really push things on to where we are regularly getting to and every so often winning all irelands is the next stage. Winning any leinster is class but to push onto the next level should be now the target. There is so much to be said for tradition and its about breaking that duck now and winning semi finals that will drive us to the next level. You can hurl with way more freedom when you know that you are expected to do something and there isnt pressure on you. A bit like winning the first football all ireland a couple of years ago…once we got one it took the pressure off.


Eddie Gibbons & Conor Kinsella have for Crokes as well.


Yea, we’re often in the top four in the country, just need to try and push on to produce the top team some year.

But even then you need:

  • The right manager in there to get the best out of the panel and formulate a game plan that suits the players available.
  • The panel is physically developed enough to compete.
  • Luck with injuries
  • Consistency: younger age groups can blow hot and cold one game to the next.
  • A referee who is consistent (thought he gave Galway a lot in the first half but he seemed to allow Galway to swing out of Swan). Not the difference in the end at all but really not what you need when up against the best/form team in the country and you could see the frustration of our lads with some of the frees. He was ridiciclously fussy - was like night and day to the ref in the senior match afterwards.
  • Games. I think we’re at a serious disadvantage on Saturday having sat around for a month while Galway had tough games v Limerick and Kilkenny. At least Tipp had a few rounds of club championship but even so, the two teams in the round-robin won and I don’t think that’s a fluke.

We did win the u15 last summer, lads like Purcell and swan were on that team, so we do have the hurlers to compete and beat anyone at any age groups. Hopefully, we’ll go well again at minor next year but the other age group blitz competitions aren’t the same as the minor championship. I do think we’ve had some good forwards the last 2-3 years so hopefully, they’ll come through to u20 next year and on to senior.

We do seem to coach lads to go up with the hurley to bat down puck-outs, instead of trying to catch it but then Donal O’Grady did a piece on cork (was it?) where he highlighted lads trying to catch and missing, the ball going straight through to opposition forward behind them and his point was the HB should have been batting those away instead of risking the ball slipping through.


One of the things that seems to be missing from a lot of our players is a bit of guile. This only comes from playing regular games at club level and higher. Yes, you run the risk of injuries but I think the benefit of game time over the summer months far outweighs the risk of injuries. Instead, we’ll have club competitions been run off in October and November.
This is really highlighted when it comes to catching a high ball. It’s a brilliant skill and a great way to win primary possession. But there are times when you should know when to bat/double on the ball in the air and when to try to catch it. That is guile.


Agreed and i agree with @alanoc where he says we should just crack on with the minor championship over the summer if lads are away so be it.


theres no paragon of virtue in tipp doing it over the summer - there is no choice really as there are far too many senior teams.


The reality of it is with so many young lads away it just wouldn’t get off the ground


do dubs go on more holidays than tipp people?


It would appear so, maybe they have to milk turnips or something and cant leave home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have a look at CCC2 results, the amount of games conceded in June/July are huge. Know of a mentor who has ten of his players in Gaeltacht and he had a midweek and weekend back match.

U15/U16 Championship draws is on tomorrow evening. Everyone will be back at it August and September. There is hurling in June but none in July, I dont think those on U17 county team suffer from a lack on hurling during the summer months. The reality we’ve been beaten by a better team that will go on and win the whole thing.

Bigger question is should club teams mirror intrecounty and change to U17 an U19, it was rejected last year for no apparent reason as far as I can see. As far as i can see the drop off from U16 to U18 is the biggest thing with an U17 it might stem this a bit.


Maybe if champo was run in summer months players might stick around and go away earlier knowing it was on.


Well with Junior Cert group and Leaving Cert groups lead up to June and most of the month is gone. I hear what your saying but Underage Hurlers and footballers are doing some training in January and usually going all the way through to November. Every weekend is taken up. Young lads going to the gaeltacht or on family holiday wont ruin them as hurlers

I think they train plenty, could we get more games in summer months ? sure but I’m just wary that its very hard to gets games going in July.

Again the U17 was training and playing since end of Leinster championship. Lack of club games was not the reason they lost to Galway.


That’s the whole thing with the club players association. Demanding successfully that the inter county championships be squashed into lesser time - with the mess that is coming up this weekend - and at same time, county boards and clubs inventing any number of excuses for club championships to be postponed until October. There is no excuse for counties who are out of all inter county competition not playing their championships now, And that applies to Dublin. Yes, I know, there is Con but one man cannot hold be an entire championship. I’m sure that Cuala would survive a few weeks without him, or like Vinnies players used to do in 70s, play club games in week before they lined out with Dublin.


I once argued with @alanoc about lack of hurling during summer months etc at a CCC2 meeting but, he produced the stats from previous years and the amount of w/o etc was huge. In fairness DCB had done their homework on it.
It was raised again at Senior Board in relation to Senior Champo couple years back as Dubs had gone early in Champo, again the amount of lads gone on J1’s etc had serious effect at Adult level.


A bit of track. But has the soccer switching to summer effected the GAA at all in Dublin.
I am based in wexford and they are switching next year.Serious concerns in Gaa circles that it will make players choose.
Soccer is very big down here and a lot of kids would rather play soccer.


Agree 100%