Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


We beat Kilkenny well in the Leinster final, two injury time goals put a gloss on the score for them. So there is nothing to suggest we wouldn’t have beaten Tipp if they could manage it.

Galway beat Kilkenny by 7 points earlier, and again two goals put a gloss on the score for KK. So the evidence suggests Galway are the best team in this.


Kilkenny did beat us too and were by far the better team that day too…particularly in the second half.


Only went ahead late in the game.


Is that achieved by going down a softer route?


Ok, we are poor, Tipp, Galway and Kilkenny are far superior.


U17 scored can be taken with pinch of salt. Galway got confidence from goal at ht and it drained from us. We played right into their hands second half and hadno plan b when swan got bottled up. Ud fancy galway in final but kk wont fear them. Also just wondering who did we beat in semis 11 and 12 to reach finals? Considering we never win these games?


Were not poor its a good group. But you cant say we are second best team in it. Leinster is poor bar kilkenny. Id be interested to see how wed do in munster. Its hard to gauge how good we are really because the only good hurling county we have beaten at underage is kilkenny(good an aul as they usually are).


Waterford and clare i think. Thats going back 7 years and before that we didnt beat any other counties for decades outside of leinster(northern teams not included). Problem with those brilliant teams were we lost our best players to football.


Ideally put the best x teams in a league and play it off. Galway and kilkenny good games over the last few weeks. Tipp has a couple of rounds of club. Our lads trained. It showed.


If limerick and tipp best into munster we arent behind them. Bad day yesterday. It happens but we have one semi finals before and will again. Yes would be great to win all irelands and we can improve but being up there and getting.players through to under 20 more important. Thats where the focus needs to be imo. Its where are footballers have really progressed.


We have beaten Kilkenny, reasonably comfortably, and they have beaten Tipp. If we aren’t second best we are very close to it. The earlier hypothesis that Tipp and KK would beat us doesn’t stand up. Of course they might on a given day, but it wouldn’t be the logical result.


I have been at every training session and match played by this team all year. Our biggest deficit was our inability to catch our own puck out. It has been a problem throughout. Our midfield have been outstanding all year in every game. The referee only reffed between the two 21s. He gave soft frees in the mid-field and then completely bottled it inside the 21. Luke Swan was continuously fouled in the first half. If the ref took action it could have changed the whole game, but he didn’t… Management team were gents all year. As a parent of a child on the team, they kept the balance right between winning and personal development. These lads will put hurling first because of the quality management.


League format would help us…even galway in leinster because youd be better prepared in an all ireland semi final if we got there.


Congrats to your young lad - a Leinster medal is a great thing to have


Great to have an insightful post like that - fair play


Great to hear and the right way to be. The win at all costs lunatic does more harm than good.

The physicality and winning dirty ball will come. These lads are all u17. Seen it so many times scores as this age can be wildly unpredictable, a goal can suck the confidence from young lads very quickly.

If Galway win the all Ireland as many predict it may put this result in a different light. If we keep producing quality players it will stand the county well at senior.


All of that is true but it would do a lot of good for hurling in the county if we could get over the line in minor or u21. Winning breeds confidence & belief that transcends on to the teams coming behind. Continually losing semi finals / finals creates its own baggage. Fine margins & not meaning to take away from what was great achievement in winning Leinster.


One of advantages Galway have at underage despite not getting many games until taken into Leinster is huge standard of club hurling at all ages. Dublin SHC is now good, obviously, and you could see that in championship. Underage is pretty poor compared to other counties, I know Dublin north won Leinster but let’s face it, it was three quarters of a county team playing individual schools.


True and a lot of the young lads they have are probably playing club senior hurling earlier than our lads.


Not sure that accurately describes what Kierans are, technically it does but they’re more than that really.