Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


100% true. There is a tendency to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

From the Leinster final it was obvious some our defence was porous but that said these are young lads. One day brilliant the next day not so much.

The whole playing club championship at this time of year is rubbish, we don’t do it in football and it’s not a problem. If we played championship at the same time we would be getting players injured and burning them out, so it’s not straight forward.

It’s was a good u17 got beaten by a better team and there are some good prospects coming through.


I don’t know where that came from! I meant Power…


How is it not a problem? Our minor results are very poor. Two All Ireland’s in 30 odd years? Only one Leinster in the last five? You could certainly argue that out minors are over trained and under played. That’s where the burn out is.

Most other counties manage to do it just fine.


I agree colleges stepping up would make a big difference. The influence of Colaiste Eoin from a few years back is still showing on senior.

But I think our lads, at least those on the county team, are as fanatical as any other county. You can’t get to be that good without it. Sure we do have the issue of them playing football as well, but outside of Kilkenny most other lads are playing football at some level. Even in Kilkenny, soccer is having an influence.

But I don’t think there is any need for a big inquest. This was a good year. It would be lovely to step it up and win an All Ireland, but it’s not vital. Especially now at u17, minor is even less important then it was.

We won Leinster u17 last year, we won it this year and I think we will be close next year - that level of consistency is probably better then one winning year. A winning year would be nice though!


TG4 asked tommy Dunne if he was worried about the break while kilkenny have had good games, that Dublin seemed to be caught because of it. he said it’s a worry but they’ve had several rounds of club championship the last few weeks. QED.


Galway will wipe the floor with either of these.


Colaiste Eoin was a once off based around a couple of years of exceptional talent all coming together in the one school. It just doesn’t happen normally in Dublin. Added to that U15, 16 and minor championhips will be played from September to November in a round robin format. It’s not possible to get schools teams together properly at that time of year when some of them are playing two championship games every weekend. Schools are not seen as being important in Dublin in the same way that they are in Munster in particular.


Galway weren’t brilliant first half, kilkenny motoring now.


They were in the second! If KK win that’ll be the two provincial winners gone. Does make for a debate about champions sitting around while the other teams are getting two games to prep for the semis.


They were in the second half for sure, let’s see how second half goes here but kk looked much sharper than tipp in that half.


5 scores by tipp in 33 minutes says a lot. Losing by more than double scores. :thinking:


I was just going to say, tipp should know that running at this kk defense can pay dividends


Decent fight back by tipp, but Kilkenny the better team.


Thought the ref today was decent.


He was to be fair, didn’t whistle at every tackle which helps! (Except swan being fouled right left & center)


I think we were unlucky to get Galway in the semi. Form guide suggests they are by far the best team in it. We are possibly the second best. Having said that KK could make a liar out of me in the final, but I don’t think so.


Even allowing for them being the best, i’d Say our lads are disappointed. Just didn’t happen for them yesterday for whatever reason. Galway have already beaten kilkenny. Both provincial winners out.


Dont think it works like that. We were destroyed yesterday. We wouldnt have beaten tipp either. Any of last years u17 playing club senior hurling?


Club Minor is still U18 so I doubt it.


We were in that game til half time, the Gayway goal before half time done the damage, we were good in the 1st half.