Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


That’s an appalling thing to say … but probably 100% correct.


Then how do we keep getting to all Ireland semi finals? Think there’s an over reaction every time we lose a game to be honest.


Usually big losses though , no ?


Mostly yes unfortunately.


Sometimes but other times close ones or poor tactics.

But we have won at club and younger age groups. Today was a systems failure. It can happen at minor and our defense was a worry before today.

Wouldn’t be the first team coming on after a break coming against a team which has had tough games over the previous weeks to get turned over. Also little or no minor matches in Dublin this time of year is crazy.

Let’s see how the other semi final goes. Tipp have been waiting for a game as well. Also the final.


Whatever issues we have at minor, Wexford and Kilkenny must have it worse, because we are Leinster champions and they aren’t.

But there is something in what you say. I do think there seems to have been a concerted effort to coach bringing the ball down with the hurl instead of catching it. But in contradiction to that, Swan and Howard were two of the best fielders I have seen from any county all year.

Galway probably have the same dual issues, but hurling wins more of the battles. I agree too that guys don’t know what is happening with the U21 teams etc. But I would think the same is true of football, only senior football draws crowds, every other county team in Dublin in both codes gets crap support unfortunately.


Galway have defined football and hurling areas with little cross over…fortunately for them.


Yep, defined areas are a big advantage. If they are big enough.


Id like to think we compete outside leinster but the vast majority of games we have been hammered. Its probably between u14 and minor the other teams kick on to be honest. Few of the “traditional counties” hurl so if our lads hurl 95 percent of them are probably spending half of their time playing football. So they just probably practise more add that to the fact that there isnt as many things to do down the country so they just hurl :slight_smile:


And yet you’d put money on Kilkenny beating tipp and then into an all Ireland final then it’s anyone’s game. Dublin are good we have some good players with great potential and that’s why we make it to all Ireland semis and win the odd Leinster but it’s the small margins that make the difference between making it to all Ireland’s semi final stage and being all Ireland champions. If you are on the minor Hurling panel in tipp or Kilkenny or Galway your whole life revolves around Hurling as does that of your family - you plan holidays and family events around the gaa calendar - this doesn’t happen in Dublin - I’m not saying that’s a good thing - there is life outside Hurling - but it’s what we are competeing against


That is exactly right.


Great pount molly malone as someone involved with dublin camogie girls will go to the gaeltacht fir 3 weeks come back and then go on holidays for another 2/3 weeks in the middle of the season(would nevet happen in kk)wraring the jetsey for players and parents is everything)on today level just before the break and no bad xomments on here.playing semis seems to be a problem for dublin(needs to be looked at)but I think 4/6 of the panel can play next year and 16s are very good.Im sure 16 management will have to look closely on how to get over the line in big games.wouldnt be hard on minors days like today happen.kk have lost twice this year yet I fancy us to beat tipp and rattle galway 2nd tine around.


I think it’s a summer thing, lack of club games, it’s not a lack of hurlers thing, otherwise we wouldn’t win u14 & 15s from time to time.


There is a reality that hurling is a religion in certain places and holidays and indeed lives revolve around it. We just don’t have that and never will. C’eat la vie.


There’s no doubt Galway we’re the better team today, but I just don’t think we performed anything like we can. Those players can lift a ball better then they did today. We just didn’t get going. It can happen teams. Tipp seniors mixed the sublime with the ridiculous all summer.

Rest of the championship will be interesting. Kilkenny are fancied (by kilkenny people) this year, so if they win, a team we beat wins out (where hurling is a religion) If Galway win it handy then what does that say?


A lack of games doesn’t help but there is more to it I think. Our lads our good but as other lads have pointed out you have to fanatical which most of them probably aren’t to get to the level required. We’ve won a few club feiles which is great but we have huge numbers at underage too in comparison to other clubs particularly small country clubs. Most of the club teams who have won all irelands will have 2 club teams in the dublin feile. If you compare that to some country teams they may have 10 and 11 year olds playing. The standard at u14 etc is fantastic. But as lads go into secondary school here thats when things start to regress. All of the big hurling counties have savage strong schools where lads hurl every day. We simple don’t do that because unfortunately we don’t many secondary schools where it is engrained in our tradition as other counties do. Even Carlow have Borris Vs who compete in division 1 in Leinster. I know we have the colleges but we need individual schools making the step up. Were doing well to get to semi finals and we are improving…but everyone else is too. Its hard to close the gap. We will get a few players of each of these teams too.


What if kilkenny go on to win the whole thing? We’ve beaten them convincingly once and unlucky to lose to them once.

What if Galway win it out convincingly from here? Maybe they’re just the best team at this age.

Think our defense was brittle and what had been a potent full forward line till today just didn’t really get going today. Galway did a number on Swan.

Think we over react every time we lose.


We didn’t turn up for second half simple as, midfield needed to be changed at half time. Kilkenny are team to beat this year, imo Galway aren’t great, they just played better on the day,and as was said they had their homework done on Swan and Dunne.Free’s conceded I felt where very soft and cost us in the end, and the level of refereeing this year at this age group was atrocious.
The pool of Refs at Senior is very small, and there’s too many Refs at Minor level trying to make a name for themselves,and it’s ruining the game.


‘Think we over react every time we lose.’

Never a truer statement!

Galway were a better team. At minor level, a team that gets a run on the opposition will prevail, just like the Leinster final - Dublin got a run on Kilkenny. KK could end up beating Galway in the final. It’s not a shock. Everyone involved at this level would confirm the same. Majority of teams are on a level playing field.

U17 is too young for minor - it’s all on the day.