Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Is that not all they played all year? 1.20 to 0.12 and 2.11 to 1.21 (Limerick and KK)


Very disappointing. Unless we sort out our overall approach to hurling and the standard of our coaching we will continually get hidings like this once we play the decent teams in all Ireland series. It’s not the kids fault but it’s embarrassing to keep getting hidings like that every time we appear outside Leinster.


Galway did their homework on swan. Nullified him and our game plan seemed to fall apart. Bad day at the office all round. Beaten by a better & sharper team. Ref was a disaster. Don’t buy that these dubs are all kack handed. Good players can have an off day. And they beat a highly fancied kilkenny well in Leinster.


How come Cuala can cut it at that level? Genuine question - and I know club is different but how come they have the skill etc?


It happens with young lads, an off day. From what I can see, country teams are in full swing at club championship. Tipp have played 4 rounds of championship at minor level. Dublin not playing enough at the right time of year.


Very porous back line. Easy to see how KK scored 7 goals in the Leinster final.

Very poor with the battle for the dirty ground ball, and the pick up were awful.


Minor league in a state, and champo not even started, how can minor manager prepare lads who are playing challenge matches most of the time.


Too young for that level of exposure i feel!

Regarding Galways doing their homework, they have a brilliant management team. Lynskey has All Ireland Minor medal in his back pocket and has been the “minor” manager for a number of years


Has been a huge and glaring weakness in nearly every Dublin hurling team I have ever seen.


It’s a perennial issue, especially when we get to Croker v the better teams.


That’s the biggest issue I suspect.


Single biggest problem. Has been for decades. Our fellas are training. In other counties they are playing


Clubs fault??


Hard luck to the squad, they gave it a good shot. They got a Leinster medal anyway.

Any perceived faults we have, I guess Kilkenny and Wexford have it worse. Galway will win this easily, we were unlucky to get them in the semi. At least 4 of our lads will make senior county.


… if they don’t choose football? … :grimacing:


I think Cuala have a hugely physically and more importantly athletic team. They also have 2 incredible ball winners inside in Con and Mark Schutte so they can let the ball in and run off these lads if they need too. They are obviously a class team with few weaknesses but they don’t have many ''wristy" hurlers without sounding disrespectful to their achievements. They play to a game plan that seems to harness the speed and physicality they have.


Yes. Unfortunately.


True, but Con and Mark are too old for minor :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


Unfortunate what happened today but I don’t think anyway is surprised either. It happens every time we have won at Leinster at minor and u21. We haven’t just been beaten by Galway or the Munster sides we are usually hammered. With that said there still seems to be quite a few very good players on this team and they are young.
Two important skills we seem to lack in comparison to the top counties.
1.We have inability to roll lift the ball and catch it under the knee whilst being able to move your body to protect the ball.
2.Also catching the ball in the air…probably the most difficult skill in the game and I rarely see teams practise it. Kids need to be shown where to stand, how to time your jump, how to use their opponent to elevate their own jump etc.

Speaking of wristy hurlers. in fairness to Swan if he keeps going we have one. Quality in the air and powerful wrists, its a pity he wasn’t getting the frees he deserved. There are a few others too with potential so hopefully they keep with the small ball.


Dublin is a football county. That’s the simple truth. Half the kids in development squads are not from ‘Hurling backgrounds’
They play because they are on school teams and are generally good overall athletes - but Hurling is not in the blood / they don’t go to enough games - they don’t know what’s happening with under 21 teams. They don’t watch enough Hurling. Traditional counties grown up with Hurling Hurling Hurling . We don’t have that in Dublin. I know it’s a devisive issue but we need to limit our development squads to hurlers only - 9 times out of 10 dual players pick football - that’s killing us - we need to put resources into those who are Hurling focused