Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


3-18 with 11mins to play


Are we coached not to catch the ball? Go with the hurl instead?


They’re being beaten by a much better team unfortunately. Aldoraine is right. The gap in skill is massive.


Lot of these young lads don’t know how to even carry a Hurley properly. Sorry to say. They hold it in the palm of their hands rather than get the feel in their fingers. Look at them. I seriously question the coaching in general in Dublin. Under 20 the same this year.


Some very very strange free’s given to both sides with zero contact …


The biggest disappointment is seeing a Dublin player in a long sleeve under-armour .


There’s something seriously wrong with Dublin once we get out of Leinster. We look slow, inept and clueless on the line once we come up against Galway or any Munster team. Happens every time. We ain’t as bad as we end up looking so there’s something fundamentally wrong elsewhere in our preparation for these games.


Don’t mean to be personal, genuine question… i have seen the dublin manager coaching Faughs Juniors and now he’s with our minors, perhaps he has a huge CV but genuine question, has he always been involved at county level??


Ref has made no difference but Swan has got dogged out of it.


He was a hurling development officer with the County Board a number of years back.


To be fair, its skins! :wink: And i don’t see what difference that makes, are u more of a WHRISTY hard man if u wear a short sleeve?


Agree totally. Some people here bristle when the “manufactured hurlers” tag is applied to us but that’s what we look like to me. Much the same with the seniors too - any success that Gilroy will have will be primarily down to making us difficult to score against. Don’t know why we can’t produce hurlers that are more skillful. Perhaps it’s the lack of tradition. It’s been the same story since we made the big breakthrough in the mid-noughties.


Original county hurling development officer. Not sure what he’s been doing since he packed that in but he would have plenty of experience.


Thats fair enough so, would trust you would know a little more based on ur own prev roles.
And to clarify before im called out, im not only asking because we’re been thumped, just curious


Free out … ???


Tis consistly strange at least :roll_eyes:


The most blatant push in the back you could see and he gives a free out


Managed and played with Faughs and was part of CB setup which created development squads but has very good hurling people around him I heard? These are young young players but it needed changes in midfield, forwards sooner. A worry here is that the loss is by 14 points plus where as before at minor and u21 it’s been a couple of points, but still a loss. We need to break that Galway/Munster thing soon for it to help with senior progression. I also feel the new system of playing round robin games makes us think we are better than we are.


Galway have had two tasty games since we last played.


Inclined to agree, especially wen we’re playing some of the worst “hurling counties” in the country…
Personally, i am not a fan of the new age structure at u17’s!