Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


We’re not in this game at the minute. A goal soon or we’re gone.


Ffs how was that a free…


Very disappointing second half performance- could end up a bad trimming unless we wake up


We can’t pick the ball up!!


Midfield need to get finger out, loads of time on ball, get turned over and concede free ???


We’ve totally given up. This could be bad.


The reason he can give them soft frees is that Galway are winning every breaking ball around the middle. They’re quicker , sharper and have much better touch. The same old same old!

This is heading for another big beating in CP semi final.


They haven’t been in the game all day unfortunately.

This ref is the living end.


Getting cleaned out by halfback line


We’re not good enough Alan. Not the refs fault.


Since the minor breakthrough in 2005 I don’t think we have ever beaten Galway in an underage game. Don’t often beat Munster opposition either. You’d have to wonder why that is.


Some big men in that Galway HB line


How the ■■■■ us that a free out, fair shoulder on keeper…


Like the vast majority of Dublin underage teams the skill deficit is frightening. Touch, striking, everything really.


We’re not. But that doesn’t excuse yet another appalling performance. Forget Liam Miller and soccer games. Officiating is in crisis. Needs sorting.


Bigger they are harder they fall… all over now…


Total embarrassment now.




2 points in the second half. 1-08 for Galway. Yet this team beat Kilkenny? What happened these lads today?


Okay the ref is just annoying now