Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Doing well, slippy looking.


Ref is as bad as the rest of them. It’s a non contact sport as far as he’s concerned.


It’s a long time since I’ve watched under age hurling and I’m in awe of the skill levels for young fellas. Fantastic despite the conditions. Ar fheabhas.


Frees killing us


Agree. Ref clueless.


Totally. It could be a very nervous last few minutes if we’re up by one or two.


Doing ok but ref is clueless. Frees way too easy. Game is too stop start. Exciting every time it goes near Swan. Galway are no great team. Big chance here.


Midfield need to get into it too.


Three chances to clear that. And the previous Galway score.


Of 10 Galway scores 8 from places balls?


We’re all over the place at the back. Giving away some crazy frees. Think Galway have 8 scores out of their 10 points from placed balls.

Doing ok overall but need to up it around midfield. Galway always seem to have couple of extra players for whatever reason.




Disaster right at the end

Need to start playing like a team. Need midfield to get into it. Need to start winning possession first time.


No flow to that at all really, conditions & ref making it a lottery.


We’re our own worst enemies at times.


Goal seems to have totally floored us.


Very slow to change things up here…would it be better bring Swan out and actually get him on ball?


Swan fouled for both dubs last two attacks and play on ffs…


Need to get quick ball into Swan & Dunne only thing that’s rattling Galway.


Ref is an embarrassment at this stage. Galway lad takes ten steps then get a a free. Having said that they are the better team.