Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Because we’ve a great spread of clubs?


No, it’s great to see the spread of clubs. Based on performance to date and high scoring forward line I think we can win. Galway will be physical,but, we played Galway in Celtic challenge U.17 team and they played six of their first team minors, and although they beat us by 11 pts in the end, they lead by 4pts and we’d two sent off in space of 5 mins, which cost us the game.


Can’t argue with that reasoning


11 clubs. I’m sure Clontarf, Raheny and Fingallians, for example, have hard-working and optimistic people coaching kids in hurling but I’d imagine that 10 years ago, few would have predicted that they would be represented in an All-Ireland hurling minor semi-final in 2018. Great credit to all clubs involved and also great to see clubs like Erins Isle and Towers coming back into the fold again. All great examples of what can be achieved.
Best of luck to everyone involved.


Fair play sir! Nice post.


Can see us beating Galway and having another crack at Kilkenny in the final.
Not saying as a hopeful Dub, i do think the Leinster Final against Kilkenny will serve as both a “lesson learnt from” but also incentive of another crack at them in the final to stand to us.


Hope we get that far, another match v kilkenny would be a cracker if the last two games are anything to go by.


Yeah and third time lucky. :ok_hand:


Best of luck to the chaps today. Hard to call on previous form which would suggest Galway are a bit ahead of others, but Dublin have improved. Need to keep it a bit tighter perhaps than last mad game!


Best of luck to all involved. Pity about the weather it’s going to be sloppy game hopefully the lads get over the line.


Rain will be a factor. Galway look like lads 3/4 years older. What are they feeding them!


Galway have to play in the rain as well😉


Swan is a big unit .




Looks like frees for nothing. Hopefully we’ll get the same.


Phantom free. If he’s going to blow for that it’s going to be scrappy.


A free for steps , wow , it does actually get called in games .


Doing well so far. Some of frees both sides a bit farcical/


Happy Days!! I didn’t realize it’s live on GAAGO for us exiles. Up the Dubs.


Great corner back play there.