Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


No we don’t. If limerick beat Kilkenny next week we play limerick. If Kilkenny win we will play Galway


I’m presuming KK will beat Limerick.


Never presume Alan. This is why Brian Brophy was the most knowledgeable teacher with a Gaa background in Ard Scoil


Not Gerry O’Brien?


I thought the residential school mice would have more knowledge than Alan…


Do we know which senior semi final tie Dublin could be playing in the curtain raiser?


That’s maths teachers for you. Far too logical.


They don’t seem to have decided as yet. Normally minors be on before the senior provincial champions so guessing it will be before Galway/Clare game on Saturday 28, , and Tipp will be on before Cork and Limerick the following day.

Would be great to see them at the very least making the final, after a disappointing year.


Interesting now footballers are out.believe though hurling management werent happy when the lad chose and stuck with football.


Don’t see why a 15 or 16 year old or indeed a 20 year old should have to choose one or the other. Not possible to play both at senior now, but certainly is at underage.


You’d hope if limerick beat KK they’ll be on the same day as their seniors. That’s likely what they’re waiting for.


According to GAA.ie fixture for July 28 is:

Electric Ireland GAA Hurling All-Ireland Minor Championship
Semi-Final Dublin or Tipperary 15:00 Galway


Okay so the GAA have that wrong, wikipedia has:


interestingly top scorers are


So who plays who in semi finals? Can Dublin play Kilkenny if they beat Limerick? It is seriously surreal system. We have benefitted from back door but could still be there after two defeats. Kilkenny still are, In fact it is theoretically possible for a minor team to lose three times and win the all Ireland. that is farcical.


Can’t play KK. Limerick if they win. Galway if Kk win.


Only problem for me is what if there are 10 dual players at underage and they get to senior and choose football, you have a situation where they took 10 places on a hurling panel that could have been used to develop lads who wanted to hurl. This is the norm now and is why we still behind at hurling.

IMO you need to be hurling every week to get to the top not 1 week and another with footballers.


Long term view is needed.
No point in hoping a good footballer will pick hurling cause he won’t.
If he even smells a place on senior panel he’s gone. Go with hurlers only. That the right path regardless of how a particular team goes at underage.


That was the approach the last couple of years. Not all the starters on the hurling team made the starting 15 for the footballers, so they’ll likely struggle to make the senior football panel.


But the reality is that there are probably 25 dual players on a hurling panel, not 10. There might only be 10 nearing county standard, but the majority of them will be playing football. We would never find a competitive panel of guys who only hurl (and vice versa with the footballers).

If a guy does lose a place to a guy who subsequently picks football, it’s not the end of his county aspirations. He can still come good. Also, a guy is even just as likely to lose a place to a guy who will pick another sport later or just choose other avenues altogether. We can’t determine the future for guys when they are 16.

I think u17 is too young to start limiting options for young lads. If a guy has trained hard enough to become one of the best hurlers in the county, I think he deserves a shot at it.