Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Schools attracting lads from far and wide is hardly the same as playing a selection from half the county …


Italy have a huge population to pick from as well, which explains why they hammered us in the rugby at the weekend.


Lucky? half the counties have copied us so that they can compete with hurling nurseries like Kierans who pull in lads from kilkenny, tipp and all over.


Do we not have a school in Dublin who would be capable of putting in a decent performance at this level? Coláiste Eoin, Scoil Chaitriona, Ardscoil Ris etc


they competed for a few years very recently.


It’s a strange set up though. Only one combined schools team is allowed go into Leinster, and they play off first to decide that, then they get their one / two games in Leinster and according to Alan exit the competition then.

Why not just eliminate the step of going into the Leinster and have a combined colleges competition. The vocational colleges play on a county basis I think (they used to anyway). There could be a special combined colleges competition separate to the individual colleges one.


Unfortunately football gets in the way in Dublin as we are a proper GAA county :crazy_face::crazy_face:


I know where you’re going with that but the last thing we need is another competition/team for lads to be playing on. Ought to be streamlining the number of competitions.


If it was instead of the current one, not alongside it should be the same thing really. The current one seems to be a bit crazy, they play off to enter a competition that they can’t win.


Oh right i gettcha. Yea they play off to get into Leinster and then cant go beyond (i assume Munster objected to potentially facing combined teams).


It was fine when it started out and the country lads were in favor of letting a weak county like Dublin in like that.

Kierans is as much a combined college as we are. Don’t think for one minute they are all from Kilkenny.


I know they’re not but they are one school. Do you want to start dictating who they can enrol?


At the end of the day it’s a schools competition. We probably should have withdrawn once minor went to U17 and in particular as we cannot progress outside Leinster. Dublin A winners go to Leinster B. That should be enough to be going on with.


But why should we withdarw?? These lads are getting good hurling against good opposition. That’s good enough for me.


It suits hurling in Dublin at the moment, so what’s the problem?? The only issue now is that we are more organized and actually getting to the business end of these competitions regularly. I’m not interested in who goes to what college in KK. But a lot of people think that Kierans is full of the locals. Not the case and hasn’t been for years. The “KK” nursery tag is a bit loose in this case.


Kieran’s is a school. Dublin North isn’t. From that perspective it’s unfair at this stage. Our lads have enough games to be going on with within their schools and clubs. It was a useful exercise when minor and colleges were roughly the same team. That’s not the case anymore.


What I will be interested in is will the players be told not to play for their clubs this Sunday with the commencement of the minor leagues.


Dublin minors? I would certainly hope not!


Its happening at u16. Lads hurling with the u17’s are being told not to play football with their club. Not sure on the hurling front.


Shouldn’t happen. And clubs need to stand up for themselves on this. Hurlers’ first games is not until May 12th!!!

This is exactly why I was dead against reducing minor to U17. No way 15 year olds should be placed in this position.