Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Dubs Plunkett 5.10 v Laois 0.14
Dubs Clarke 1.17 v Offaly 2.16

Dubs Clarke top group Dubs Plunkett 2nd based on head to head. Draw announced tomorrow for 1/4 finals being played Sat 16th June.


Did someone say that One of the corner backs off one of these has made it onto the minor panel? He ineligible for this now?


Yep Waddick played for minors. Players are still eligible from what I’ve been told. We’d one of Plunkett lads called into minor squad couple weeks ago and he played for us last night.


Great kinda trial for lads who don’t quite make the minor panel initially


It’s probaly one of the best competitions to date. If give lads a taste of inter county hurling, without the pressures etc. And it’s purely developmental, with the Plunkett team we’ve just over 30 players who all get a game, if they bring that experience back to their clubs, and it throws out a few lads for minor panel or 21s it’s a job done.
I’ll post the 1/4 final pairings when we get them, would love to see a bit of support next day out.


Celtic Challenge Corn Michael Hogan Quarter Finals: Division 1.

Dublin Clarke v Galway Maroon
Dublin Plunkett v Galway McDonagh
North Tipperary v Kilkenny
Kerry v East Cork

All games played on Sat. 16th June (ET available). Venue and times TBC next week.


Galway mcDonnagh sounds like the name of a bare knuckle fighter


Or could it be an omen that Galway might be heading down to McDonagh Cup anytime soon? :grinning:


Antrim v Dublin
Dowdallshill 2.00pm


All support welcome.


Tough to both get Galway?


Yep @Tayto but we’ll give it a lash. Both teams in Div 1 is a first and shows the talent that we have outside of our Minor Team and the ground work and seriousness that the Co Board etc has for this competition.
Thought it was very strange that a lot of Counties have only entered one team, Celtic Challenge is all about Development of lads at this age group, who aren’t involved in County Panels, yet the skill levels I’ve seen is brilliant. We’ve had two lads already called into Minor panel in last two weeks.


I know the cb, who is the other?


Excellent, very handy for me. Played football for Dowdallshill for a wee while…


He was from Clarke team. Think they’ve 4 called up we’ve two. Lad from Boden and lad from Mearnógs.


That’s great - exactly what this should be used for.


I assumed you were in dublah


We might get a team named today?


Named yesterday


nice one Liam - good to see Purcell and Dunne back in the FF line.