Dublin U17 Hurling 2018




3-12 to 18. North much better than scoreline. CBS got 2/3 from frees



I see Leinster is as far as they can go. Even if they win they don’t progress to the All Ireland Series. Kierans will advance to the AI semi no matter what the result in the Leinster Final


Can see the reasoning tbh - they are not a school in fairness


Great result all the same


2/3 from frees?




DUBLIN NORTH: John Rooney; Jack Fagan, Andrew Dunphy, Tommy Kinanne; David Phelan, Kevin Burke, Conor Scully; Michael Murphy (0-6, 4f, 1 ’65), Seán Foran; Seán Clerkin, Lee Gannon, Seán Farrelly; Conor Berrigan (1-1), Seán Currie (0-2), Cian Derwin (1-2). Subs: Billy Ryan (1-1) for S Farrelly; Enda O’Donnell for C Scully; Liam Foley for S Foran.


Should be 2/3rds from frees. Lad scored 4 from long distance In1st half.
Sweet strikes.




If Kieran’s win the final, who goes through in the Leinster runners up spot though?


Kilkenny CBS as losers to Dublin North yesterday. We cannot advance no matter what happens in the Leinster final.


That’s a bit of an imperfect system, both losing semi finalists would have an equal claim really.


What is the whole point? Might as well have played our minor team of this year instead of last year’s lads. But maybe a bit of vindication for lads who never got to represent Dublin as minors


Ah, it’s a Leinster colleges medial, I think for these lads it’s worth trying to win.


I think individual schools all over Leinster have more right to be pissed off at getting beaten by 3 milllion people in Nth Dublin than we have at not being allowed put half a county in a schools final …


Dublin North and south may have a big pick based on population.
Kierans take payers from all over kilkenny and some of tipp and waterford
Good counsel take players from abut 12 clubs in wexford parts of Waterford and up as far inistige the rower kilkenny and south carlow.


Kilkenny CBS the same.


We’re lucky the Leinster Council are still allowing combined teams enter their competitions.