Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


No worries - thanks again for the updates.


Overall a fairly disappointing game and performance (conditions didn’t help), Wexford we’re very poor and bar bad shooting Dublin should of won by at least 8-10 points. The first sending off was a yellow at most, very harsh. Was sitting right beside the Wexford crowd and they all agreed. Best for Dublin we’re the full back from Jude’s, the centre back from towers and Leavy in midfield who must of scored 4 from play. Forwards missed a lot of easy chances. Strange call by Wexford taking off there no11 who looked like a danger when he had the ball, he wasn’t impressed either.


Hogan the full back is a serious outfit, whether full back is his optimum positioning open to debate but he may be the best option Dublin have for the position


Long day lost?


I’m sorry?


Your round?


Weren’t swan & Purcell on the u15 panel that won last summer?


Hogan looks like an out and out fullback, but also looked strong going forward and scored a great point in the first half. Swan very similar to rush at full forward, but never got going at all. Might have been more effective at half forward when the long high balls weren’t working. No23 I think it was that came on was very lively, big athletic player. He looked better than a lot of the starters. Not sure what club he’s with??


Dara Purcell injured?


I’d say the management will be happy enough with their progress so far after the three games. I thought Dublin were far better value than the three point win in the end. Leavy in midfield was excellent throughout, and I thought our defence was on top, although the weather on the day helped.
Good to see a lot of big, strong and skilful players on the team. One of the reasons we’ve come unstuck against munster teams is that they’ve been physically stronger than our lads over the years, especially up front imo . The likes of Swan, Foley and Leavy certainly won’t be bullied against any team.
Our full back, Hogan, scored an absolute cracker in the first half… won the ball, drove out through the middle and popped it over the bar!
Leinster semi final will be a huge game (could be v wexford again?)
Plenty of potential there, four or five under 16s started I think… a couple of games outside of leinster would do them the world of good. It’s not all about winning at this age group, but would definitely be hopeful of seeing more of a few of these lads in the future.
And yes, the ref was shite!


Unlikely to be a Dublin Wexford final. KK will certainly be in it. Just depends on who they play. Would like to think we will be kept apart until the final being that they were first and we finished second in the group. But who knows.


Yeah, I wrote that Dublin could meet wexford again in semi final. It’d be very harsh if there’s an open door for semis. I presume there’s a backdoor for provincial finalists anyway, which would make the leinster semi a massive match


Looking at the Leinster Councill website there does not seem to be any specifics for the semi final draw so it could be open, which is absolutely ridiculous but entirely in keeping with the way this competition is usually run. Surely the three games played should county for something.


Yeah, I had a look at the site earlier too. It’d be an absolute jokeshop if Dublin have to play kk in semi final, but wouldn’t surprise me either if it happens


I’d nearly guarantee we’ll meet them in the semi-final now.


The final position you finish in the tiers is taken into account on the pre-Quarter finals and quarterfinals - assume that follows through to the semis as you’d expect 3 of the tier 1 counties to progress more then likely.

Anyways the Prelims are this weekend followed by the quarterfinals on the 16th so we have time now to get injured lads back.


Just looking at the team there again, we were missing Dara Purcell and Liam Dunne from the FF line (either corner forward) from the previous two games, assume both injured as they had both scored well in the previous two outings - both were named in the team to start. Hopefully both back for the 16th.



Last round group games tonight in Celtic Challenge.
Dubs Plunkett v Laois
Dubs Clarke v Offaly

Both games in Abbotstown, throw in 7.30pm.


How did they go?