Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


8-6 Dublin after 23 minutes. Horrendous conditions. Dublin should pull away with the breeze hopefully.


Thanks for the updates Alan, nothing on twitter.


9-6 Dublin at half time.


12-7 after ten minutes of second half. Rain stopped and wind gone! Typical!


Typical alright! :joy:


13-9 Dublin. Wex. down to 14. Second yellow. Reffing is absolutely atrocious. Fourteen to go.


Now we lose a player to a straight red for a high tackle! It’s beyond belief.




14-9. Eight to go.


hon the dubs!


16-9. It’ll be a good win but it could have been a lot more. Some poor shooting under little pressure. Mixing the sublime with the not so great!


Decent scoring since the wind and rain stopped?

Actually had 9 points in first half


Not really. We missed a lot of easy chances. Wexford not up to much. Decent performance but a lot of mistakes that need fixing. Full forward well marshalled yet we persisted with high balls in for far too long. On the other hand a couple of lads took some very good points from distance. Some great individual performances but they need to knit together a bit more as a team.

Another sending off for dublin. Second yellow for nothing.

The ref has been incompetent beyond belief. Never seen anything like it. Just over 16-10


Goal Wexford after we missed a tap in. Three in it in injury time.


Dublin win by three.


I’ll take it! Sounds like a bit to work on but good result.


Agree with the absolutly dire ref - unbeliable ! Solid performance but far too many wides and wasted chances - won’t get away with that against better opposition - but lots of potential in this team


Who stood out lads?


Leavy was good in midfield as was Ian o heir


Didn’t have a program so I don’t know. Sorry