Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Dara Purcell is exceptional. A year young but hopefully he shows it tomorrow .


Anyone at the game?


1-3 to 0-4 up




(1st half, 24min) Dublin 2-5 (11) Kilkenny 2-8 (14)


is it as close as the scoreline suggests?


Dublin 2-7 KK 2-10 h/t. Anyone at it?


Our full forward has a good hand- if we let it in to him early. Half forwards caught one puck out, in the fifth minute or so, and none since. Referee is from Wexford and is not great.


Is that Luke Swan ?


Yes. Our half forwards are actually batting down puckouts as if they were half backs. We would do with a bit of variety on the puckouts.


We’re throwing this away having got back into it. Simple free app n front of posts 30m out - complete mishit rolled along the ground

Still in it but have to take our chances.


Twitter going crazy with updates on scores - It’s a shootout !


7 down with time just up. Baffling stuff.


There must be positives . . . Forwards well able to take scores ?!


All square with 3 mins left. List by 8. Go figure!


It’s a pity, but still a decent Dublin team. With 10 minutes to go they could, and probably should have won it. But a few mistakes in the last 10 caused a lot of damage.

But there is goals in this team, unlike a lot of minor teams in the past. So they will do ok.


No. 12 points will not win you a hurlong match.


First game ever at this grade. This game surely will bring them on ?


Heard this kk team is pick of whats out there. Remember there still only 17. Mistakes will be made but 4 goals is a positive


Was talking to a few kk lads after minor game. They’re highly thought of down there.
Think we should have taken points instead of always going for goal. Thought swan was very dangerous. Had a good game. After a dodgy start I thought 6 had a good game too. Not a bad Dublin team. A few good U16 s there too.