Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Chief post antagonist?



Some mix of clubs picked. Great to see no club dominating the team.


Only vaguely familiar with a couple of those names - can anyone give a run down of who is who, or who is likely to do well?


Serious spread of clubs - none from Cuala, Vincents, Lucan, Brigids or Na Fianna. One from Crokes. Great to other club represented and on such a big scale.


Jack Lambert any relation to simon?


Younger Brother,


Luke Swan and Dara Purcell are U16 this year.


13 different clubs making up the starting 15 is definitely a record, best of luck to everyone involved.


Dara Purcell is one for the future. Smashing young player.


Agree, although he was kept quiet in championship last year😉. Your initials wouldn’t be MK by any chance???


I thought Ard Scoil Ris were cleaning up at U16 and U18 at colleges, yet no Vincents or Na Fianna. Seems strange, but I guess it doesn’t always follow.


Similar to the football who had 12 different clubs in the starting 15


Ciaran Hogan a real talent but whether full back is optimum positioning time will tell. Best we have taken through since Mark Maguire anyways


Remember minor is U17 now. School is U18 and a half. We’d have lads that would be fifteen to 18 months too old for minor.

Although it seems very odd that the current top five clubs in the Division 1 table provide just three of the starting fifteen.


Col Eoin won 16/18 Dublin this year i think? Have good representation here?


But how many of them top 5 clubs in Division 1 are made up of 2nd year minors as these are all first year minors at club level.


Fair point too. Club form no guide to county form at minor anymore


Good to see Isles man back on a county team. Should be interesting game on basis of the schools competition. Cats seem to have big belief in their side.


St Olaf’s seem to have good representation. 2 on the team and 1 sub. Are they in the top flight?