Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Two good wins.


Yea i wouldn’t read to much into this competition as i think benches have to be emptied etc but even so it’s better to be winning (and scoring well) then losing.


If this is under 17 and ‘minor’ is u17 - how is it working? Are there three squads?


I’m glad you asked that question … (no idea, must be three different squads?)

i see cork have north, east, west and cork city.


Both Dubs Teams are made up of U.16’s & U.17’s not involved in exams etc. The Plunkett Team are all TY lads.
Other counties can use 16’s or lads on current minor panel if they wish.


Are we including minors?


Not likely. They play most weekends form this weekend on.


Yea, thought not.




Mental block? Ty lads?


transition year


It’s an age thing Tayto, probably wasn’t around in your day :grinning::grinning:


Are lads who have been playing during the week able to play Sunday?

Any star names to watch out for with Dublin this year? Wouldn’t know too much about the 2001 group


Damn right it wasn’t - fecin slackers! :joy:


Wasn’t worth going to school in my day unless you were beat on the soles of your bare feet with a thorny branch. It made me the man I am today!!


You had it easy! In my day … etc


They play camogie next year?


It sadly took me a minute - but that’s funny :grinning:


A minute? These boys get the whole year.


Your on a role today!