Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Minor seems to be league format this year

May 12 v Kilkenny [h[
May 19 v Laois [a]
May 26 v Wexford [h]
May 16 Quarter finals


Six games just to win Leinster. Got to make absolutely sure that the clubs see as little of their players as possible.


Celtic Challenge kicks off this Wednesday. Dublin Plunkett & Dublin Clarke both in Group C with Offaly,Wexford and Laois.

Plunkett play away to Wexford this coming Weds.


But your club buddy is correct to stop county men playing club senior…


Do you ever stop moaning Alan? 4 of the 6 games will be played when the club fixtures are closed down for the Leaving Cert.


And what about the football?

You’re under no obligation to read my posts.


Jesus lads. Fair catty around here this weekend.


It’s the good weather…


I see we have an u19 development squad now. A bit much at this stage


Defeats the purpose of moving minor to U17.





Great win tonight, squeaky bum time towards the end, battled hard, lads dug deep in second half as Wexford came back very strong. Have to say they don’t like losing to Dublin, great performance from all 31 lads used.
MOTM was Adam Codd from Raheny, one for the future.


Good Wexford name as well.


What’s this competition and who are Dublin Plunkett?





What are the chances for Sunday or for the championship overall? Who is in charge of the team this season?

I see there are a round of minor league fixtures fixed for 11am on Sunday with the game in Parnell throwing in at 12. Its a shame there are clashes like this made


What can you do when the team will be playing almost every week? You can’t have club fixtures at a different time every week to facilitate the elites. More and more the GAA wants to remove the elites at a younger age from their club. And now, as you note, they can’t even watch their club in action nor their club mates their county in action. And to make it worse they’re only glorified challenge games. All four teams are already in the quarter final where they’ll face the Offalys and the Carlows and the Kildares of this world.

It’s just sick.