Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


They won by 5 or 6 points. Playing final this Thursday v Kierans (KK), think it’s 12pm in Abbottstown…


That’s great, we’ve a very good record at this level recently, has gone on to produce some very good minor teams the last few years.


They’ve very strong panel this year aswell. Kierans will be tougher than Council, but, can see us winning.l


Yes it is 12.0 in abbotstwon tomoro. Fair play to @alanoc & his colleagues in Ard Scoil for supplying nearly 1/2 the team/panel. They mite giveLeinster snr A a try in a few years with this group.z


We ran away with Dublin U/14 this year although Colaiste Eoin weren’t there. Still, we hammered everyone and likely would have beaten them too. Might well give Leinster A a shot at U16 in a couple of years. Biggest issue, as with so much in teaching, is getting lads (and lassies) to do the work. More and more being piled on in the class means more and more teachers giving up extra curricular. Hasn’t affected us much yet but it could well do in the future. There’s also the issue that that competition is played at the busiest time for club players in Dublin. But we’ll see how it goes.


Lets face it Al, unfortunately there is an ever decreasing number of schools where the value of team sport is appreciated. That is why so few schools are competitive at colleges level and it is the same schools in football and hurling making an effort and it something that is completely unappreciated outside the profession. After all staying behind to take a team won’t get you a promotion but writing a policy might.


It’s the humility Al … I love the humility …


You could just imagine Donald J trolling like that… :rofl:


In fairness to @alanoc the scoreline was 9-18 to 1-7 is what I heard.


We’ve taken our share of hidings too. Just not this year :wink: U/18 and U/14 champions!


Never thought of it like that. Very good point re the multiple clubs attending St Kieran’s. In my day I recall a local lad being sent down from Dublin as his father had aspirations (and a Kilkenny background).


Is St Kieran’s a boarding school?


Ah no - most of the subjects are fairly interesting


I’m pretty sure they do carpentry alright.


@DUB09 You just keeps chipping away at our sanity…


Not anymore but it used be up until maybe 10 years ago or so.


Do you know how this went Liam?


Beaten well. Kieran’s led by 2pts @ jt but 3 early goals in second half was the decider. Lads kept trying til the end. Nice touch by managers of both teams gave loads of lads a run out from the bench. Whole new team finished for Dublin north.


Just heard well beaten. @Hubie are they all finished this year?


Sorry just reading message correctly now. Delighted they all got a run.