Dublin The Hurling County


Pat Fleury. Rigney, Hanamy too I think?


Paddy Delaney was the first.
Correct on the other three.


Reminds me of this one - the last three All Ireland winning football captains have a surname ending with the letter ‘n’. Any ideas?


I’m trying to think of his name… I think he also played in a 2018 League game against Kerry, the score from which I cannot recall.


:joy::joy::joy: misquoting or wha’ …




Cluxton and Cullen dublin
Darren and Declan o’sullivan ciarrai
And Peter caravan Tyrone




I remember seeing Dáithí Regan play, but not Dooley.


Gwan tell us, the hurling people on this thread are ignoring you.


One last clue - They lifted Sam in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and name ends in ‘n’


He’s down as last sub. I know his niece she was teaching in Irish school in Ballymun. Actually, Regan mentioned playing in Dublin on The Game the other night.


I presume the two Troys listed were brothers ?


Yes. Both keepers as well. Although John moved out the field…


I remember him alright but wouldn’t know a whole lot about the rest of the team .


Eric lowndesn?


Does Eirc have lysdexia ?




Dublin tried to get Regan to transfer after he had finished with Offaly. Not sure how they were going to arrange that as he was playing with Birr at the time.


This isn’t Dublin. But whoever it is, the full forward wasn’t taking prisoners