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Yep, that would have made a difference. We definitely had the players then to compete with anyone. Seannie Mc Dermott, Murphy, Twomey etc. were all as good as anyone in the country. Lar was a very good manager too.


Brian McMahon won an All-Star that year, also.
What club was Sean McDermott with, again?


Dublin last appeared in a Leinster senior hurling final in 1991.They lost to Kilkenny by 2 points 1-13 to 1-11. The management team was Lar Foley, Mick Kennedy and Seán Shanley. The team was:D. Byrne[Cuala], CO’Giollain [Cuala],

B. Kelleher [Ballyboden], T. McKeon [ Oliver Plunketts], S. Boland [Faughs], J.Twomey [Erin’s Isle], S. Fleming [St. Vincents], S.Kearns [O’Tooles], J.Murphy [Crumlin], J.Morris[ O’Tooles], M.J. Ryan [Faughs], M.Ryan [Faughs], B. McMahon [Crumlin], S.Morkam [ Faughs], S.McDermott [St. Vincents]. Subs: C.O’Brien, K.Hetherton, R.Boland…


Mick Kennedy (selector) was with Faughs, yeah?
Shane Dalton no longer around at that stage?
C O’Brien (sub), what club, does anyone know?


I was sitting beside a Galway man at a Leinster Championship game a few years back (the Dublin Galway game that Ryan Dwyer got sent off in) and he was telling me he was at the 61 game and Foley got done that day…




I was speaking to a chap who was a sub on the 1990 team last Friday. Kevin’s were runners up in Division 1 that year and only had 1 sub on the panel and himself who wasn’t allowed tog out as they could only have 25. The panel that year consisted of 28 players… He said he had never seen such a professional set up/ preparation for the semi final of the Leinster championship. But for some reason the same amount of planning didn’t go into the final game. They were beaten by Offaly.


Dalton wouldn’t have been 30, must have been injured.


One of the Ryans. think it was MJ. hit the bottom of the post. Goal probably would have won the game and might possibly have won the All Ireland. Would have had Antrim in semi final and Tipp were fortunate enough to beat the Cats in the final, Lar was best manager Dublin ever had. Some people reckon 2013 was our best hope but I think 1991 was the lost one.


Beat Wexford in the semi final and were never in it against Offaly, who in fairness were very good. Intensity of the Wexford game did not carry over. Went down tamely.


The 65 that wasn’t awarded with time still on the clock…


That’s horrible, being part of a panel and not togging out. And a small enough panel at that.

It used to be only 21 allowed, that was worse…


He was a forward


He sat in the dug out with his leather jacket on


Aggh horrible. I was there once myself at underage. You are better off not being there really.


This was the 1990 team. There were 2 Faughs men playing for Offaly that day https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1435053603278091&id=706517832798342&set=a.867861266663997.1073741827.706517832798342&source=48


A very decent team (and subs actually)


Ronon (Dotsy) O’Doherty, (St Oliver Plunket’s) on the bench. A head case. A sound bloke but a head case! He’dhave been relatively young and should have gone on to better things.


Serious line up and strength on the bench. Never knew Daithi Regan & Dooley played in Dublin with Faughs.


A bit of Offaly trivia… their four All-Ireland Senior HC winning captains surname’s each ended in the letter “y”.