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Few things to note on Des and how good he was:

  • Back when Railway cup would attract full houses in Croke park. They’d fixed the hurling and football finals on same day. Des played both football and hurling finals one day for Leinster…winning both.
  • Des represented Leinster before leaving secondary school
  • Captained Dublin minors to all ireland football title in 1958 at age of 16


Is he still alive ?


Sadly no.
Died fierce young at age of 55 in mid 90’s.


Young Des was involved with Fingallians for few years. I was out with Fingal couple years back and he was fellow selector.
Great bloke, he had serious accident when he was just out of minor that ended his career. From what I heard he was a serious player.


Anyone know how Des Ferguson’s nickname “Snitchie” came about ?


Only non Dub was Paddy Croke from Tipp who played I think for New Irelands or Young Irelands, Story is that around that time Heffo put it to Vinnies dual players that they had choice of either concentrating on football and winning an All Ireland or hurling. Won football in 1963 and the rest is history.

Think it was Bernard Boothman the other brother who wore the ear ring.


According to the book didn’t he also want to put an end to non dubs playing for Dublin ?


Yep, he was serious all right. Always had ankle issues though, was injected to play in ‘83 minor final which might not have done him any favours.


That rule was in force for some stage but don’t think it was strictly enforced. Apart from Paddy Croke other non Dubs played hurling and of course the Timmons were from Wicklow, although some claim they were born on Dublin side of the border! It made a difference to Dublin hurling as previous to the late 50s teams were all country guards and teachers, some of whom had won All Irelands in their own counties. Vincents were first Dublin team to win the SHC. My grandad played for Dublin in mid 1920s and there were no Dublin born players. Only one, Byrne from Eoghan Ruadh, on team that won AI in 1938.


Jaysus, that “dubs for Dublin” was the whole thing about Vincents back in 50’s.
Prior to it, GAA didn’t interest most of Dublin as county team made up of transient country lads so no bond with them.


I put up a link to it. It was Achill. Maybe the brother did too!


Achill played midfield and Bernard was corner forward, and was marked by John Doyle who is origin of the ear ring story!


careful now, aul bitter will be out with his * again. already trying to spin that if we get 4/5 in a row it doesnt count as not the same team!

however, it does say things about the GAA in general and their awkward history with the county/city


Fantastic old footage


This is sacrilege I know - but the standard of play wasn’t great. Even games up to the early 80s were poor in comparison to today. Hopping the ball on the hurl when soloing, guys running in a circle to get back on their good side to hit the ball etc. On the other side of the coin, there was great excitement from general play, it wasn’t just puck out, win possession, score like we see now.


Totally different era, all the scores seem from very close in. Was the sliotar a ton weight back then? The boss on the hurleys is very small compared to modern axe shaped hurleys.


For me 1991 leinster final was a major point things could have changed. Some really good dublin players never broke through.

Kilkenny going through a lean time went on from strength to strength towards to end of the decade whereas as it took dublin another 22 years to finally win Leinster. What could have been.



Sad news given the recent postings - Liam (Achille) Boothman passed away last Friday.

My thoughts…I think it’s unfortunate that 1961 is overly thought of as missed opportunity to start golden era of Dublin hurling. Who knows what victory would have brought but games like that helped develop/enthuse men like lar and Des Foley, jimmy gray, snitchie and co who contributed (still do in some cases) for decades and maybe that’s a legacy to recall as much.

RIP Achille


Nice pic of 1961 team in Parnell Park