Dublin - The Chaos Years


The man giving the plaudits about john bailey is john bailey, didnt he run for the dail as well ??? a very high opinion of himself does john.


I was never a fan of Bailey but did he initiate and/or oversee the redevelopment of Parnell Park?


He did, but p1ssed on lots of people in the process!


The Irish Times podcast (hosted by Malachy Clerkin) had a word’ with the author in their most recent podcast. It’s after the mention of Mannion’s club final performance & the rugby talk



Got the book as a pressie and read it in one, I found it interesting as it was a frustrating yet fantastic period of time.

Many of the reasons for dublins chaos or barren years was the dearth of talent available to Tommy Carr in particular.

Underage in dublin was shocking when you look back at it. The lack of organisation and coaching I think was the main reason we stuffed it up.

Interesting contributions from lots of former players, the author is a na fianna man but it was heavy on the kilmacud crokes contribution. Didn’t realise that johnny Magee fealt so hard done but did confirm Mark Vaughan was as mad as a box of frogs. There are definetly less “characters/headbangers” playing nowadays, one wonders would Vinny Murphy or Keith Barr even get a run under Jim Gavin as thinking players now more valuable than passionate opinionated guys.

There were some poor players lined out for dublin between 96-2010 but it’s sad guys like Paddy Christie, Ciaran Whelan and Collie Moran didn’t win the big one. The value of Pat Gilroy is what does shine through, he fouls deserves the credit for laying the foundations the current success has been built on.


We did reach 4 semi finals in that period losing all by 1 . I think 98 -01 was the worst. There was no hope in those years.


I think people go overboard on the simply " We were not good enough", I think that under Pillar we were so close that even the smallest bit of luck may have seen us through, in fact I reckon had he put Cluxton on the frees we may just have made it, One position we were deffo having problems in was full back, Rory coming on the scene made a major difference.