Dublin Senior Ladies Footballers 2016


Newstalk just played a tape of the Cork manager who said he didn’t think it was a penalty, while avoiding the main issue of clear score not being awarded.


Did not reply to this last night as I felt it was said in the heat of the moment, but could you please tell me how by saying that I felt the decision would not be over turned due to it being a mistake, albeit a terrible one, makes me any less a Dubs supporter than anyone else. There was no chance it was ever going to get turned over and Dublin realized that and decided not to appeal, it simply could not be turned over , because if it was you could argue for loads of results to be turned over. And I feel just as sorry for the team as anyone else, but it was simply a realistic view.


He had shown no class in the whole matter unlike our girls.


I wasn’t going to reply Al, as I genuinely feel you are showing that you never played any sport at all. You sure sound like it! You certainly show no understanding for the pain the team feels.

I cannot see, how an apparently intelligent man like you can’t see how a point, incorrectly awarded as a wide, did not matter to a team that lost by one point!

Anyway, it’s all incidental now, as the DLGFA have decided not to appeal, and this is more than probably based on a rule book decision. RIghtly so.

Either way Al, if you sincerely feel that way, then you are from Mars, and I from Venus!

Good day sir.


Well, you were offering excuses for the LGFA last night. You admitted you hadn’t seen that game, yet were spouting anything but support for our girls, who were absolutely robbed. It’s farcical you try and defend that now, farcical!

Good day to you too, sir!



I am not or was not trying to defend anything, I was just saying what I felt would happen, did you seriously feel there was a chance of it being overturned?
As I said in an earlier post, what would happen in a game where a penalty is given and then it is shown to be clearly outside the area, it happens frequently enough, but I have never seen a result being changed because of it. Let`s say for example the goal in our game against kerry was later shown not to have crossed the line, do you think the result would have been changed had Kerry won.?
It is sickening, heartbreaking and devasting most of all for all those that have put such a huge effort into it, but I just felt that there was no way the result was going to be changed. And for giving my honest opinion on what I felt would happen, you take the liberty of calling me a lesser supporter, as I said I understood yesterday it was in the heat of the moment, but I would have thought 24 hours later you might have realized that your statement was a bit over the top.



This is what you said.

You were offering defence for LGFA

Also to you BigP, if you can’t see that, then you are from Venus, and I’m from Jupiter, or wherever else you want to argue for that sake of it. I’m out of this discussion with you. As I already said, Good day to you sir.


Is this the first year that both the men’s and women’s senior football finals finished level?


Women and men level? Don’t be stupid!

One has to be on top of the other…


Hate to burst your bubble there treacle but it was poor Dermot Early who used to get lost coming out of the CP dressing rooms. And him a captain in the Irish army an all. Must have missed out on the orienteering during his army training. God bless him :upside_down_face:


I know what I said and I am baffled by your reaction, all I am saying is that in loads of games decisions are taken that are then proved to be wrong, not just in GAA , I am talking about a ball not crossing a line, or a player being in the square, or a penalty given for a foul outside the area, , can you tell one single one where the result was overturned.
The only conclusion I can come to, is that you expect me to give a different opinion just because it was a Dublin team involved, I will defend the Dubs to the ground, but in this case it it was not about defending anyone, it was simply about saying what I thought would be the outcome of the situation. Maybe my last line sounded a bit smart, but I meant it in a genuine way, as in that is the way thse things have been dealt with up to now. BTW I am only persisting with this because I am convinced you must have taken something I said up in a wrong way, because I just don`t get it.


As hard as it might be right now! Dublin need to step over this incident and prepare for next year. To this end they need to look long and hard at their composure in front of the posts! Some awful wide’s yesterday. Defended very well for 50 mins. Then seemed to lose it totally. Have a funny feeling that could be down to mental concentration. 2014 we blew a 16 point lead! Something is a miss with the preparations and needs to be addressed over the winter. Apart from the final 10 mins we dominated that game yesterday. So they are not a million miles away from winning it next year!


You were doing so well & then added that last line :joy::joy:
I hope there’s no julies on the panel !


Cork manager on the game

When asked about Dublin manager Gregory McGonigle’s post-match comments, when he called for a replay, Fitzgerald replied frankly: “He can say what he likes to be honest about it.

“Gregory’s very quick to talk but as far as I’m concerned, we’re All-Ireland champions and that’s that.

“They were on about HawkEye and what not (but) I don’t believe their penalty was a penalty and we could have had one earlier on.

“You take the game on its merits – there are two umpires and the referee has two linesmen.

“If they said the ball was wide, then you have to take…we’ve lost matches over the years, I know myself, with decisions like that.

“The fact that there’s no HawkEye there isn’t down to us, that’s down to the powers that be. There won’t be any rematch, from my knowledge, and I asked yesterday.

“I asked the LGFA and there’s absolutely not, no. The referee’s report is final and that’s that. It’s over.

“I haven’t seen it (Rowe point) but you just have to suck it up obviously."


Nothing worse than an ungracious winner.


Odd comments tbf , I’d say the brain didn’t engage before he opened his mouth …


On a side note what kind of a name is Ephie…never heard it before. Is it short for something?


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Ephie is an uncommon baby name for girls. It is not listed within the top 1000 names.

His mother must have known he was destined for the ladies game :grin:


Odd, maybe, but serious lack of compassion and sportsmanship are foremost.