Dublin Senior Ladies Footballers 2016


The very same dose! Used to be sedico on Hoganstand though i think he wasn’t as bitter back then. He likes to run with the big boys cos yknow he’s from Kildare 'n all 'anyways. Can we still call Cork one of the big boys?


Did “we” ever call Cork one of the big boys?

Sigmund Froyd would use a lifetime on some of them, with their capital envy, and poxy accent.


A Kildare fan living in Cork , what a perfect match .


Some real class by DLGFA:
“Dublin Players, Management and Executive congratulate Cork on winning the 2016 Senior All-Ireland final.

“We wish it to be noted that we are very disappointed that the score error could not be rectified on the field of play and we will focus our efforts to require that LGFA put processes in place so that no other team is subjected to such a situation.

“Dublin LGFA will be making no further comment on this issue.”


It really is a shocking accent!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well, historically, that’s where Kildare GAA players transfer to in order to get a bit of success.


I think its got something to do with not knowing which way to turn, when you leave the Croke Park dressing room. According to Ranger Rick Johnny Doyle anyway.


It wasn’t just the point that was not given, by TWO blind umpires one of whom seemed to be standing beside the post, when he waved the ball wide. his place is and should be behind the posts. But the Jackie’s kicked some bad wides too, balls dropping short. There won’ be a replay, so move on come back next year better and stronger. Revenge can be sweet, that is your motivation for next year.


The words grace and class come to mind right now.
We’ll do well to remember this the next time an anti-Dub poster comes on here screaming foul play. I’ve a feeling we won’t have to wait too long.


i’d bet anyone having a laugh at this, never had a years hard work put into anything robbed from them by a similar error.


Exactly! I wouldnt even wish that type of defeat on my worst enemy (Mayo)


Tis a strange bunch , they spend more time talking about what’s going on in Dublin then whats actually happening in their own county :thinking:.


Well, would YOU want to talk about getting hammerings from the likes of Roscommon, Tipp and …gasps… Kildare?

And we think we have it tough talking about back to back All Ireland finals? :grinning:


A diamond in the rough…

Dday 02:14 PM Today
Very gracious statement from the Dubs. I was certain they would appeal. They were badly wronged here but no fault of Cork, the LGFA let them down here.

Sad to see the bashing of Dublin by gobshites. There would be war on this if the tables were turned. But that’s what you get when you have people who can only see from their side and not as a fact and how things really are.

My fear is this will come back to bite Cork down the line and it tarnishes our victory.


It does tarnish their victory i’m afraid, even though it was no fault of the team or management, they’re right in saying the ladies association let dublin down badly.


The matter according to the hierarchy is no closed.Roll on next year,CO BOARD need to
get on with the job of a new management team ASAP.This management team have failed to
progress the team any further.Open up squad and let us see what we’ve got sitting on
the bench every match,theirs more to a squad than having to watch the same players
week in week out.Don’t even try for the league,just blood players and by the time the c/ship
comes round ye would have a better idea who has what it takes.


Who do you suggest?


Won’t be hanging anything in shame Rochey. I’ve been one of the VERY FEW on here who have wished them well before every major game, and given supportive posts afterwards, every year since they got to the final in 2010. So my comments are in the context of being fully supportive to their (savage) efforts over the years. I was bitterly disappointed to see them fall just short yet again after doing everything they could to make up for the last couple of years.

But…I just don’t see how a point that wasn’t given earlier in the game can be seen as the difference in a game where multiple scores and scoring chances occurred after that incident. The game was there to be won, the chances were not taken, and Cork were not prevented from taking chances.

If the incident had of occurred near the end there would be a case but I sincerely and strongly feel that this is not so on this occasion and is only compounding the excruciating disappointment the girls must be feeling yesterday evening and today.

They did not lose this game because of a point not awarded earlier in the match. To continue to say it made all the difference is a loser mentality that only benefits the ones who got the cup. Silence is the best policy until such a time as the thing can be put straight where it really matters.


I’m not sure,the co board get all the applications ,not me.There must be somebody that
can bring out the best in these girls.These girls were brought up playing football ,this
manager wants them to hand pass the ball down the pitch which is stupid especially against cork
as it makes it easy for them to press aggressively knowing that we do very little kick passing into
the forward line.5 lost all-irelands with 2 counties hardly fills us with confidence,how many more
do we need to lose before a change.He had enough shots,let somebody else have a go.Lets face
it we’ll still get to atleast the semi’s next year depending the way the draw works out, guaranteed
Leinster champions again next year an move on.
I’d check on ex Dublin players to see if interested,Alan Brogan/Paul Curran maybe ?


I heard Curran quit managing Brigids ni Roscommon and was interviewed for the Cavan post