Dublin Senior Ladies Footballers 2016


I understand your passion and I feel for the girls, but I am just trying to make the point that I cannot see anyway the result would be overturned, let’s say for example next weekend a team scores a goal that makes the difference and then it is proved beyond doubt that it was a square ball, do you think there would be a replay?The problem is that in almost all games you could prove beyond doubt that some decision was totally wrong, what do you do replay them all?


I don`t agree that penalites are a matter of opinion, there have been penalties given that were later proved to have been outside the area, that is not opinion it is fact, IMO it is exactly the same case. Or a square ball , there is a line, in the same way as there is a post and on many occasions refs have got the side of the line wrong.


Its seems from what I’m reading elsewhere that its a case of tough shit . The only ones wanting a replay is us . Its terribly disappointing for the ladies . Hopefully they will bring in hawk eye next year going forward . If any action is to be taken those two umpires shouldn’t be let any where near a high profile game again . It was human error & mistakes will be made but there was no excusing that . If its up to Cork I’d be surprised if they offer a replay unless they were confident of winning the replay . They will see it that it wasn’t them who made the mistake . Has there been any comment from the LGFA ?


The likelihood is nothing will be done about it. The record books will show Cork won the final but, like Meath’s 2010 Leinster ‘win’, it will be forever tarnished.


The system for selecting umpires need to be looked at seriously .


Agree and I’d say the LGFA executive were effing him from a height for giving it when he didn’t need to. Talk about making a rod for your own back.


Hi to the poor unfortunates from our second city over on proc having a good laugh at us and to the kildare poster who who tries to hang with the big boys. Pathetic! I don’t believe we should appeal tbh. Swings and roundabouts. Im sure we have benefited ourselves over the years. Fwiw that cork team are a great team thought we had them beaten several times but they just kept plugging away. Some medal count they have. Their senior mens team could do with a few of them!


There’s a healthy crossover between Kildare and cork when it comes to football to be fair


Cant remember the time when we won an all ireland final when the opposition had a perfectly good point disallowed. It’s not really swings and roundabouts is it?

Especially maddening when there’s a system setup on the goals to rule out mistakes like this.

The cork manager says the scoreboard shows they won and thats all that matters - very sporting, he knows well the scoreboard SHOULD have shown that it was a draw.


Is that the same Kildare eegit who whinges all the time about Bernards free from 2011? That was 5 fcuking years ago. And he is having a go at us, for being pissed off about something that happened yesterday? What a cretin. Must not get irony at all. The PROCers are a gas lot. The place had such a meltdown when Kerry got that penalty in last years Munster Final, it makes us look like the models of intelligence and restraint. They seem to have forgotten aaaallllll about that little episode.


:joy::joy:, your famous buddy , they quoting you over there :joy::joy:


The only way now there will be a replay is if the LGFA say so . If its in the hands of Cork they won’t go for it . All I’ll say is the next time a decision goes against any Cork team in any code in the future they won’t have any come back as that will rightly be thrown back in their faces .


Stay classy there Cork. Medals will always be tarnished. I would seriously be embarrassed to get a cup under such circumstances.

After all this team achieved and they are willing to accept the cup under these circumstances. I will never be slow to point out to Cork people the injustice here.


Never mind 2011 there are posters moaning about 1995 there, at the same time moaning about us moaning.

Cork doesn’t do irony.


They will if there’s enough of an uproar. as has been said this is a great cork team, have had huge success, you’d think they’d be confident they can win any replay.


Even if cork wanted it, I’m not sure the organisation would agree. Remember all that stuff with the Dublin camogie team last year? The secretary of the camogie association was on the radio talking about the master fixture list and coming across as the most intransigent school teacher in Christendom. I’d bet this would be the same, never allow the association to be found at fault.


Ah let them have it Sad lot.

Dublin issued a classy statement there - rise above it.

In fairness you can’t blame Cork’s desperation for some kind of GAA silverware this year when they have been so abject across most codes and age groups.


Knew they’d like that one. :wink:


Oh my God. I got the shout out from the (wannabe) PROCer too. My life is now complete. Is he their pet poodle or something?


He’s a character alright :wink: