Dublin Senior Ladies Footballers 2016


And rightly so.


it was always going to be a 1 point defeat after that wasnt it? LGFA cant seem to go a year without a scandal


But sure what can do ? Would this be like that hurling match between Meath & Antrim ?


Some awful wides. Looked to have the fitness but not the scores. Dominant at the start of the second half through great turnovers buy unfortunately the scores were not tagged on. Prob was 13 wides.


The girls should walk off the pitch here. Just to make a stance. Cork didn’t win it so why stand there and watch them lift it and listen to the patronising well done but hard luck girls


Cork captain out of order there


What did she do ?


Thanking and congratulating the umpires and referee on a great job. Didn’t need to be said and shouldn’t have been said after what happened


But sure they probably don’t know about it ?


They were discussing it at HT on the pitch. I’m sure everybody was aware at HT what happened, and the way she said it, it’s not an easy job but yous did a great job, makes me think she knew full well what happened


Was that not the Dublin sideline discussing it ?


Just looking at a vine there on Twitter , the other umpire is right behind the goal but the other umpire waves it wide . They have the video evidence if they want to appeal it but is there position in ladies football to do such a thing ?


Cork got their last score from a free but it wasn’t even a foul, the Dublin player changes direction to cut inside and the cork player runs straight in to her face first, terrible decision by the ref.


Gutted for them. No shortage of heart and desire in that squad.
Those f*****g wides though. Jesus.


Referee was shite all day!


if the situation was flipped around and we won by a point and cork had a goal disallowed there’d be uproar but because of the 31v1 attitude nothing will be done


If truth be told I don’t think that was a penalty either. I think she took too much out of it and ran into traffic


It’s incredible that both umpires missed the point. It wasn’t even a difficult one to see. The GAA really makes an arse out of itself allowing the referees bring their drinking buddies / family members as umpires. 34k people there to see game that’s televised live and they end up with farce like that.

Dublin battled gamely but very poor overall. The standard in ladies football is brutal. Lots of effort and running about but Jesus you have to be able to kick the ball over the bar from 20m.


No hawkeye called for?


The only way this game can be replayed is if Cork offer…Fcuk all chance that happens