Dublin Senior Ladies Footballers 2016


Why no Hawkeye?


Cost something like 6k to configure Hawkeye to a size 4 football. So ladies football decided against it .will haunt them now !






How many times have Cork done that in the past .


It’s not Cork - it’s us. Do it nearly every time we play them


This is a really ballsy display by the girls. Real determination not to let that goal feck them up.


Did we score an o g :upside_down_face:


Hope the point which wasn’t given is not the only difference


Some very questionable refereeing too!


Great tacking from Dublin, up and down the pitch.


It well could do , how this is a draw is crazy . At least that goal didn’t , hasn’t come at the end yet .


Spoke too soon :scream:


Wides are killing Dublin.




played some awful football but to lose by a point with the point that wasnt given is sickening. theres going to be some fallout over that this week


Jaysus that’s rough.


You’ve got to feel for the girls. Heartbreaking


Jesus forgot about that


Surely they can’t let that result stand?