Dublin Senior Ladies Footballers 2016


Well I won’t be able to check it for a while. But I wouldn’t know him as someone to get something like this wrong. As I said, he has a daughter on the team. I’ll come back to this when I talk to him again.


Do Vincents have an adult ladies football team?


No. Building from the bottom up I believe.


Why has it been neglected for so long?


I suspect there would have been some resistance to it from some sections of the club. That was certainly the talk. I’m not really sure though.



Some of the passing option from the Dublin ladies are suicidal, Mayo players quare fond of grabbing opponent’s arm to win frees.

All square with 4 minutes to play.


Just back from Ladies game. My God I’ve never see a team to regress in games once they get a decent lead. If when they went 8 points up I was waiting for the collapse, really hard to understand.
At times some of the football was breathtaking and then for 10 to 15 min spells they play as if they had only played together for the first time.
Have to say the Mayo management on the line were a joke, constantly running on to the pitch and screaming for everything, Cora Staunton also bought a lot of frees towards the end of the game, Dublin players were afraid to tackle her and I think the ref was half afraid to go against her, But in the end just glad they made the final .


Used to be a trait of our men’s team not too long ago. Not sure what it is.


Ye confidence it definetly a factor and panicing also.
1-5 to 1 point up I think in first half and allowed Mayo back , then got the first 2 points of the second half to go 8 points up and then basically gave the ball to Mayo and sat back and allowed Mayo bully them for the rest of the half. It was a smash and grab at the end , because it was all Mayo. The game plan seems to go out the window once they get a decent lead. Hopefully it will be a wake up call and snatching a late victory might do wonders for the confidence.


At least they pulled through. Cork in the final?


Ye , that’s the main thing.


They are VERY hard to follow.

Cork won their first title in 2005 and have went on to win 10/11 since. Our ladies have been better than them many times in recent years but seem to lack something maybe mentally and have consistently lost. Today does not bode well for the final.


And yet, then again, it just might. Congrats to the ladies for making the final. I still haven’t forgotten they broke the county senior famine in 2010. Best of luck in the final


G’wan the Jackies !!! You owe Cork one




One in the multiple sense :grin:


The very best of luck to Greg and the girls this afternoon. In the year of the underdog so far, who knows what we might be celebrating this evening?


Best of luck to all!


Good luck to the Dubs today, its not forgotten they are the ones who broke our senior inter county famine in 2010, another All-I today would be a suitable reward for their high levels of performance and massive work over the last few years.