Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2019


I’m not sure what St. Clare’s he was in, the dressing rooms there are more than big enough to fit 20 players.


He does not mention St Clares - this was in the RTE headline.

Suspect it may be the dressing rooms besides the All-Weather in DCU he was talking about and no idea how big these rooms are.

Would agree with him that it may be a fine pitch but no cover for substitutes and 10Euro to stand as a spectator does not reflect well on Dublin LGFA.


Price would be set by Lgfa


Well was the match played in DCU or was it not? If it was played in DCU, there’s no way his team had to use 3 different rooms to tog out in. There’s something like 8 dressing rooms out there in St. Clare’s (if not more) each one more than big enough to fit 20 players.

As for charging people in, it’s not the Dublin LGFA that decide the prices for a national football league game. I’m sure everyone was charged into Sligo ladies last league game too.


As a spectator, 10 euro to see in comfort in the stand in Parnell is considerably better value than standing in the mud and rain in DCU


Do the Sligo ladies play all their games in markievicz park?


I don’t think your understanding the situation . Dublin Lgfa can’t just fix games for Parnell park . They go cap in hand to Dublin Gaa. Most times Parnell park is out of commission


No idea about Markievicz Park - don’t always judge a book by its cover or title - my comments were as much from a Dublin team and spectator perspective



i’d disagree, Alan is 100% correct in saying the situation of u13 to u16 girls playing successive days different codes is an abomination and both sides are culpable.

as the man who along with Damian Murphy straightened out juvenile fixtures and in turn saved juvenile hurling in Dublin I think Alan is better placed to comment than most


again huge amount of information that I can see your either not aware of or just ignore .
I’m not doubting any posters credentials. However it can not be denied that he has preconceived tainted view formed how many years ago ?. Any chance to imo slag of ladies football is taken . This thread has been derailed due to a post that has had nothing to do with the intentions . We may as well start talking about Connolly here … Dermo not Amy !


napper tell me the huge amount of information I am either not aware of or ignore.

I dont see in the posts here any preconcieved tainted views.

Napper are U14, u15 and U16 girls most weekends in dual clubs playing on consecutive days, while in 1 out of 3 weekends U13s suffer the same ?

Are boys competitions same age run off on alternate weekended .

This isnt slagging ladies football or camogie. It is calling out both organisations to stop flogging teenagers, their parents and their mentors and to coperate and create a proper calendar


My initial comment related to the supposed mess in DCU at the weekend and I relayed that to my own experiences, which are a while ago. But just last weekend I heard complaints in my club about the hoops girls and management are having to jump through. Ladies football may be less guilty but there’s two sides and they need to get things sorted.

Organization is a whole Association process. And if it’s not good at the top then it’ll rarely be good lower down. I’ll be only too delighted if the problem gets sorted.

And I appreciate the compliment but I am bound to point out that there were plenty of others helping myself and Damian out!