Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2019


Mourneabbey is a long journey from Cork city. Might be hard to prove an address and the parish rule will apply


It’s about 30km from cork city .
Underage players in Dublin have moved clubs the same distance or more .
I’d be very surprised if it’s gone this far without her taking up residence in the catchment area .


Very commutable anyways. Is she working in Cuh?


It’ll be passed. She’ll be playing Championship come summertime with Dublin.




Good win again on Saturday for ladies vs Mayo. Sinead Aherne Sinead Goldrick and Noelle Healy all back in match day squad so they are obviously starting to ramp things up in terms of preparation…


Miserable day. With no cover


To say nothing of the ladies’ failure to cooperate with camogie and ensure that juveniles aren’t playing two games a weekend, often with less than 24 hours between them.

Both organisations are a mess structurally.


What way where they going if they passed both Abbottstown and Parnell Park coming from Westmeath??


Certainly has a valid point. They also don’t help themselves to promote their game by having their juvenile matches at a time clashing with it also.


What’s that got to do with this thread ?
Stick to what you think your an expert on . You know nothing about the working of ladies football .


It must’ve been a Snapper style journey …


Can’t be avoided . Sure senior footballers and hurlers clashed on Sunday .


I’ve had my interactions with both in the past. It appears not much has changed. No streamlined calendar, forcing girls, and often mentors, to play two games a weekend. Ridiculous.

If you can’t get the grassroots right you’re at nothing.


He’s dead right Napper. Wrong thread maybe, but dead right. There’s a reason why the boys play different codes on different weekends. Why the girls can’t is a mystery to me.


My understanding is the opposite to @alanoc that the Camógs don’t engage with the Footballers, and there was a lot of Camogie fixtures changed last year, knowing there was Ladies Football fixtures on.
LGFA have promoted and developed their games over the last 10-15 years with little or no help from either HQ or the Camogie side, and IMO are doing far better than the latter.


There’s two sides. They should be working together. I’ve no doubt that there’s issues on both sides.

The kids should come first. End of story.


Fully agree that the LGFA are making strides and the difference is light and day from 10 years ago even in the numbers playing and standards they are playing at.
But just think that if you want people going to see your senior ladies side you should provide the best option of a venue and facilities at a time that works. I know its different with mens in croker but a sat night in parnell for ladies would get a bigger crowd IMO and no clashes with juvenile games


Al, I agree Kids come first.

But, Camógs have not moved with the times, and there’s too much of an old school mentality still there. I’ve seen some clubs around that have been reluctant to start Ladies Football, and the blockers have been from Camógs side.
LGFA pushed on and have developed a lot quicker when you consider they’ve not been around as long.


Clearly you don’t know the facts. End of story