Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2019


There already is a “Cup” competition in Ladies football where county players can’t play.


Well done to our 7 All Stars and Player of The Year…
Not a bad haul …


Ladies football is now no different than the men’s . This year no games from the end of June until after all Ireland final in September . Club champo semi final and final played off in the space of a week so winners could enter leinster champo .
Next year will be a write off with the co team going for 3 in a row and the best of luck to them but the club player will suffer


Ladies senior league is stll on going some teams have 2 and 3 games still to play crazy


Dubs trailing donegal 0-07 to 1-06

Good few missing for Dublin. All three Sinead’s for example.

Donegal very defensive and dubs playing onto their hands a bit.


0-7 to 1-8 ref very picky, not allowing any contact.


Goal for Dublin bring Dublin back into it. 1-07 to 1-10, some poor wides.


Here for second half. Not great - some awful wides but a lot of All Ireland winning team not playing.


Missed six score able frees, and some terrible wides from play. Early doors yet though so no panic but Sinead ahearne playa and that would have been a different game. Need a better backup free taker.


Mick obviously decided to use this game to blood some younger players as they did against Donegal last year too.
It was interesting to see 10 subs were introduced during the match whereas Donegal only used 3… Suggests a different focus possibly, but good to see Rachel Ruddy back in a action after a year abroad last year. Selection for the next game will be interesting…


Donegal were missing some a ream of big, important players too (in very similar roles), and had as many making their first appearance as Dublin did. It’s probably more important for Donegal to develop depth at this stage given the reliance on the same faces over the past few years, and thankfully the new girls did well.

It’s the first match of the league and the champions were a bit sluggish out the gate in a cold and cavernous Croker. That’s no major surprise.

Decent game considering. Dublin’s foot passing was a bit off and Donegal’s shot selection was poor. They really do look to open the goal chances even when the point chance is on. Lyndsey Davey was great when she came in and did some serious damage running at the backs. Both teams will be fine.


Tipperary were poor today but good result for Dublin nonetheless. Lots of players getting an opportunity to stake a claim on the jersey. J



Had been well known for a while this was happening . Work related . Some player to add to an all Ireland winning team. She must be living in the catchment area too.


Yes , an anthesiast down that way . Big blow for Brigids.


does that mean her dub days are done?


Not part of league squad at present but I’d imagine she will be around come championship.


Castleknock club St Brigid’s … huh?!


Will have to be passed by Cork Co Board and unless she is in the catchment area she might struggle to get it. I am sure other clubs in the county might not want it. Hopefully she will stay with Dublin. She’s a pleasure to watch


It’s not that difficult to have address in catchment area. I’m sure they have that covered.