Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2018


Kids don’t complain about playing loads of games, never have. yet we have decisions being made at the highest level to prevent burn out. Surely if it’s a problem at minor then it shouldn’t be encouraged at younger age groups.
I accept that the discussions here are mainly about juveniles, but the intention of supporters of the ‘dual’ calendar at the County board meeting about this was to eventually have alternate weeks at all levels, some were pushing for a timescale of 3 years to achieve this,and it is that scenario that single code clubs were strongly opposed to.


Maybe what was meant was the parent complaining that they had to bring the girls to 2 games a weekend


Should have the ladies footballthread up by Monday but I’ll put this in here now

Last Week Ulster Final Donegal 9-21 Armagh 4-8

Munster Final - Cork 5-13 Kerry 2-10

Saoirse Noonan who solely focused on playing soccer last year is back playing ladies football making her senior debut yesterday into the cork side with 2-2 to her name.


You will find Saoirse Noonan was a Cork Minor last year and the year previously winning player of the match in 2 All Ireland Minor Finals. Was far from solely focused on soccer


I remember someone saying online that that Saoirse Noonan was offered a spot on the senior team but turned it down to focus more on Soccer but I don’t know.



Dublin: C Trant; M Byrne, D Murphy, K Fitzgibbon; S Goldrick, M Ní Scanaill, L Caffrey; S McGrath, O Carey; N Owens, N McEvoy, H O’Neill; S Aherne, N Healy, L Davey.


So Deirdre Murphy starts at fullback ahead of Sinead Finnegan. Kate Fitzgibbon starting in the revolving left corner back spot (Rachel Ruddy traveling this year). Leah Caffrey pushed up to 7. Muireann Ní Scanaill coming in at center half-back for Niamh Collins. Siobhan McGrath moves to midfield alongside club mate Olwen Carey with Lauren Magee making way. Finally Hannah O’Neill starting over Carla Rowe.


No specialist sub keeper named . Don’t see it to often .


Sarah McCaffrey not on the panel this year?


No possible traveling . As is Molly Lamb I believe .


THats a shame, good player.


Same with Rachel Ruddy.


Yes. I heard that news made the front page headlines of the Connecticut Observer


The Connecticut observer went out of business in 1839.


In New Zealand at the moment




Yes. This Horace Hooker edited weekly publication lasted a mere thirteen years which was a pity as the profits were devoted to the Domestic Missionary Society of Connecticut.





2 late changes for Dublin


Early goal for Niamh McEvoy!

Dublin 1-1 Westmeath 0-1

Sinead Aherne and Leanne Slevin swap scores in the opening minute