Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2018


must be which is pretty sad. The underage camoige and football are killing themselves are driving kids away from playing as they wont agree on things like alternate weekends like the boys have and don’t get me started on the skorts that they try to enforce


Sure Peig Sayers herself wore the skort when lining out for the Blasket under 12s camogs. If you don’t have tradition then what do you have?


in this case a potentially well run logic based organistaion that cares about its members and their welfare :grinning:


How about the gaa not wanting to know about lgfa or to a lesser point camogie for years?
The lgfa have little reason to join with the gaa .


LGFA in Dublin seem to go out of there way to make it difficult for dual players* though. The alternate weekends thing is a no brainer and the resistance to it always comes from the football side. Sad thing is that football itself is losing kids because of it.

*the vast majority of girls in Dublin are dual code players.


but football is every second week and camoige is 3 out of 4 for some reason


Have you the numbers to back that up . Can’t keep everyone happy
As I said before the lgfa was set up in the 70s . No president has made it the priority of their term to join all the associations together . .


I know efforts were being made last year to dovetail with camogie at juvenile level on alternative weekends, not sure how far they got with those plans although I’m pretty certain it was introduced at the younger age grades.
However,I wouldn’t agree that most girls are dual players in Dublin. A lot of clubs, especially in Fingal are football only and as was pointed out at the County board meeting that was discussing sharing every second weekend, the responsibilty of the LGFA in Dublin is to promote ladies football, not any other sport, and if they were to give away half of their season to camogie it would be a disaster for ladies football.


The boys in the GAA manage to do it. The template is there.


They’re two different and competing organisations though.


they shouldn’t be competing is the point they should be working together to encourage kids to play our national sports instead of confusing them and possibly making them choose one or other and in some cases none and turning to soccer which is a growing competitor


And what about the girls who only want to play one code and not the other . What if they take up soccer ? Will there be an out cry about that . I know of a few cases where girls have left clubs due to trying to force them to play both codes .


One code clubs/players can arrange challenge matches or train on the camoige weekends. No harm if they can spend more time focussing on developing hand and foot to increase the skill base in this instance which should give them an advantage during games.


There are a couple of issues with this, apart from it’s obviously condescending tone. Firstly, ladies adult football has a very defined season, being played on Wednesday evenings beginning the week after the clocks move forward, which is either the last week of March or the first week in April, and running up until September in most cases. The fact that the season is so set has been one of the biggest factors in the growth of the game in Dublin. Everyone knows when it starts and when games are on. To give up every second week to camogie, or any other sport would disrupt that, and would mean the season would have to be much longer to fit all the games in, which would require either moving games to weekends which would cause disruption to juvenile games (and camogie),or putting clubs in a position that they need to access floodlit pitches to fulfill their fixtures.
Secondly, in this day and age where everyone bemoans the amount of training players do in relation to the number of games they play, to suggest even more training in place of games will just encourage players to find other sports to play instead.


I have no idea where the condescending tone you have decided to find was in that comment but each to their own. The comments on this topic have in general been about juveniles that are not played on weds evening but on Sat / Sun mornings from Feb - Jun and Aug - Oct.
Why do people nee to feel threatened by another code with the GAA family be it camoige or football. It works for the boys and everyone knows where they are.


Exactly, I was talking about juvenile level too. As someone involved in my club’s Juvenile section I can tell you the number of girls playing goes off a cliff between U12 and U15. The number one complaint from parents of kids who leave is the two games on the same weekend. Also, if you think girls are dropping one code to devote themselves to the other you’re sadly wrong. We lose them altogether.

Recently both boards have managed to schedule separate weekends for camogie and football up to U12s so it can be done. And the boys manage just fine with separate weekends for each code. It just needs the will.


I believe the single code clubs play each other on camogie weekends at U12 btw


maybe the issue is with your club and your looking else where for blame .
I know one of the codes pushing for this have given a reason that it would allow girls to go and help older teams in that codes . But that’s still making girls play two games in one weekend .
Btw aged 12 is still go games in ladies football .
Two games in a weekend for kids aged 12/15 ?
If that’s a fatigue issue there parents / mentors. Should be given a kick up the hole and told to sort it out .
Ladies football is growing at a steady rate new teams each year both at juvenile and adult b and c teams in some case .
I genuinely feel this is being looked on here in a very simplistic term . Huge amount not of issues that are not considered here .
Also any chance we can have this topic back that was hijacked ?


I’ve never once heard a parent complain that their child playing a game on a Saturday and Sunday was too much or that it was a reason for giving up both codes.


My daughter plays Gaelic football one week and camoige next week. My son plays football or hurling on a Saturday and soccer on a Sunday. He doesn’t complain about 2 games a week.