Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2018


There in ls a major issue…in fairness the Dublin lgfa is very accurate with fixtures, results and tables, they rely heavily on clubs for input and results and feedback, www.dublinladiesgaelic.ie


But you don’t get reports on many Adult men’s league games either.


You get a weekly roundup tough.


These are championship games though not league games. The quarterfinals happened recently.


Not sure O ?, you can see all club results for every age on that site and future fixtures once the club submit the updates so its not confined to championship


I’m talking about line ups and who scored in the dublin ladies footbal championship matches though.


Unfortunately that comes down to a lack of funding, Hopefully things might change in years to come. Dublin LGFA are becoming more innovative in ideas to generate funding, recent examples include pre season training mornings for clubs taken by inter county players beneficial for coaches and players what you get for a tenner and the tenner goes to the players fund so win win


In fairness it should be noted that recent sponsorship deals and partnerships such as Dublin GAA/ AIG, Dublin GAA/ Ballygowan have have also included the Ladies teams.


Was just about to bring that up Mick a mhic!


Have to serious Kudos to LGFA, really top class sponsorship etc. Leaving the Camógs in their wake…


Sporadically and only quite recently. Sites like this and twitter are where you’ll get reports if people are happy to submit them, but in a lot of cases clubs don’t even write reports on their own championship games.


True I have had a difficult time finding the scorers in Dublin Senior B Football Championship with reasonable size clubs like Cuala and Thomas Davis. You would think somebody could go to the round and write up a match report.


Clubs more and more are beginning to use social media platforms to promote their games, I’ve seen plenty of posts from numerous clubs promoting the activity of the women’s side of their house independently of their men’s teams, other clubs happy to promote female participation alongside their male counterparts whatever works best should be nourtered and encouraged, Ladies football is the fastest growing sport in the country,


Know that yea, and the standard of women’s football has gone through the roof in the last decade or so. Social media makes it a lot easier for clubs but even so, very hard to write up match reports accurate enough and in enough detail to be useful.


Don’t even get me started how their are only match programs for games at parnell park in the men’s senior championship. Its ridiculous that’s the case in a big county like Dublin in my opinion.


How do you source the info from the programmes ? Twitter ?


DubMatchTracker. I mean teamsheets more than programs but apparently O’Toole doesn’t have them.


Brought daughter to under12s feile in Kildare at the weekend organised under lgfa. Have to say very well organised, refs and umpires were young girls getting experience and all at a very good standard. Medals, certificates and jerseys all sponsored, good facilitates and refreshments.


Is there a proper reason why LGFA and Camoige don’t join up under the GAA banner and then funding, advertising, fixture planning etc etc can be done centrally and in a joined up fashion