Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2018


Fcuk me I have never seen a more biased refereeing performance. She is fcuking disgraceful. It is the most blatant thing I’ve seen.


Unreal isn’t it. Dubs can’t lay a finger on mayo but mayo can rugby tackle dubs.


We are by far the better team but she’s keeping them in it. Yellow card now for nothing. It is outrageous stuff tbh.


Was waiting for her to sin bin a dub. :roll_eyes::grimacing:


No sin bin there for mayo no?


Oh she did to be fair


She had no choice. She gave Dublin a free there!!! :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:


Dubs finishing needs to improve. Could have had 4 goals.


Mayo keeper is awful. :astonished:


Ours was poor for their goal but that was very poor. Powering home now.


Ref got over her extreme bias, dubs playing well since. Would prefer aherne stay closer to goal tbh.


Good win in the end.


Carla Rowe denied possibly the team goal of the year. Don’t know why it was called back. I’d call Nicole Owens goal a fluke but I’ve seen that happen quite a few times in ladies football to call it just a one-off. Lyndsey Davey from Skerries Harps given POTM. She had a good second half and potential goals which she put over for points. Thought Martha Byrne was very good again as well.


Disallowed for a throw I think, TG4 didn’t play it back. :grimacing:


Good win for Dublin without setting world on fire. Mayo packing the defense starved their forwards of possession and killed whatever chance they had of getting a result.

Dublin still not firing in all cylinders but safely into 1/4 final all the same where they will play loser of Donegal vs Kerry.

Nothing new with that referee to be harsh on Dublin it’s about the only things she is consistent at


FT Dublin 3-11 Mayo 1-8

Dublin - Noelle Healy 1-2, Sinead Aherne 0-5 (0-3f), Nicole Owens 1-1, Niamh McEvoy 1-0, Lyndsey Davey 0-2, Sinead Goldrick 0-1

Mayo - Sarah Rowe 0-4 (0-1f), Fiona Doherty 1-0, Grace Kelly 0-3 (0-2f), Niamh Kelly 0-1


Goal disallowed as she was in the square I think?? Combination of limited Irish and she defo was.




Yes it was a square ball . And a blatant one at that !
Don’t think the ref was as bad as made out . Her major problem is she ticks for every foul committed. That leads to a situation where she always gives out 2/3 yellow cards late in the game . Collins was not sin binned for that foul it was the straw that broke the camels back . None were bad fouls as such .


There was certainly a 10/15 minute period - when Mayo got very close - that she gave absolutely nothing to Dublin. Around the time that myself and @Tayto were bristling with indignation she seemed to get a little better. I’d like to think she was reading Reservoir Dubs on her phone …