Dublin Senior Hurling Team 2017


I guess its done on the basis of what 21 players are available. Not all 21 hurlers are still involved with clubs just now.


The bigger worry is the amount of minors being called up. We’re desperate for players it seems. Walsh Cup is a disaster with college tied lads and Cuala unavailable.


You mean lads that are now out of Minor Alan??I doesn’t look that way to me. Lots of lads are going to be exposed to this now and that’s not a bad thing. Plenty other counties do the same thing so were not doing anything different.


Widely known that other counties are bashing away so why wouldn’t we??? Waterford last year done the entire month of December, met 5 times each week for hurling. Not many people were giving out about that when they were almost in the AI final this year.


not many knew that i’d guess! :nerd:


Not that big a secret to be honest!


I’m sure it wasn’t but the average joe would not have a clue.


It is totally wrong and if we care at all about players’physical and mental health, we should not copy other counties in doing it. Many lads will not even have a week off from hurling, due to colleges hurling which, in my humble opinion, is as big a virus as ‘development squads’ in December.


Bit ironic in that it’s Waterford they’re playing against tonight…

It is crazy that lads still involved in club championship are getting called. It’s a lot of pressure on lads after a long season,plus, if they say no and go with Club, will they be asked out again!!

They really stretch the Club comes first mantra…


Of course they will be asked again…Somebody has to play !


I didn’t realise dotsy was having issues with his back

Doesn’t sound like he’s going to be fit for the start of the season. :frowning:


Good piece, delighted he’s going to have another crack at it.


yea, hopefully he can get himself fit, sounds like a nasty one.


Fact he’s back on the bike and doing light sessions should help him. Particularly like his quote

“ultimately if you’re selected on the squad you have to basically give yourself to the squad 100 per cent and you have to commit to the lads that are there”.

Big boost for the young lads coming into squad.


If I recall correctly there was a game he didn’t travel to in the summer because of this. Guessing it must have been the cork game. A couple of journos hopped on it straight away speculating if there was trouble in the camp rather than accept that he was injured


Top class Dotsy…a wee bit of positivity thank god!!


True, think Dubs camp let themselves down on this, should’ve come out straight and said Dotsy was injured, ended up bringing a lot of unnecessary attention that Team prior to Cork game, not good for preparation.


Ryan O’Dwyer appears to have picked up a nasty injury today in the Inter Pro in Nenagh.

“The winners also lost sub Ryan O’Dwyer to an injury which resulted in 10 minutes of injury-time being added on at the end.”



Clash of heads - think he was referred to Limerick hospital to be checked fully


Jaysis hope hes ok. Last thing he needed giving his recent brain injury.