Dublin Senior Hurling Team 2017


Gonna be some craic in the league next year for Ger Cunningham if Cuala make it to the Club final. He’ll be missing half a team and a whole full back line.


So missing 12 players who have been dropped/walked away plus cuala contingent?

Who are the midfielders ?:

Dublin, mccaffrey, boland, lambert, sutcliffe gone.
O Connell, Malone with the club.

That leaves rian Mcbride and Donal Burke? 2 fine hurlers but asking a lot


They were the Dublin minor midfield in 2014. Didn’t go well…

The league will not be pretty.


Gonna be very interesting alright I’ll say there will be more players drafted into the panel now


It’s going to be ridiculous and a very good illustration why you should not discard experienced players willy nilly. We wont even have a settled team because most of the lads will be college tied in the Walsh Cup.


The way things are going Willy Nilly will be in the starting XV …


do we really care about the walsh cup though. I think our standards are a bit higher now then the Donnycarney Roar when Mc Guirk lofted over the winning point versus the Cats.

Funny enough I think we’ll survive in the league and it will just be another year like last year. in the championship A nothing year but I wouldn’t agree wholeheartedy with the apocalypse being predicted here.


Not overly bothered by the walsh cup, just that with so few players available, it wont be much of a warm up for the league.


Agree completely Tayto. The Walsh Cup is all about game time. But with the exodus of established players, Cuala’s club ambitions and the huge loss of young players to the Colleges, that game time will go to a shadow squad. There is then the challenge of assimilating the College lads for the league, who won’t have a huge body of experience to help bed them in, along with a similar transition in late March if things go well for Cuala. The league will be a tough station also, with the full squad not really coming together and taking shape till April. Don’t want to sound too nihilistic but this is a tough transition for such a young squad.


Jake is not a Dublin senior hurler and has a long long way to go to make that. So OConnell is the only one missing there.


We usually do quite well in the league as we start training earlier than most Division 1A teams. Will be much harder this year all right to even beat Kilkenny/Tipp/Galway teams operating at 50%, with the panel we’ll be working off.


Donal Burke couldn’t have been more then 16 though ?


Yes. And he’ll be barely 19 next year when it looks like he’ll be pitched in at the deep end again.

The forward planning is desperate. Did it even occur to Cunningham that Cuala (or Crokes) might win Leinster and gut his panel even more after he’d gutted it himself?


So keep guys that are disaffected or that you don’t want and then ditch half way through season? …


He was named on the official Dublin senior hurling panel so is a Dublin senior player/panel player. He will be unavailable for selection which is the point being made, not whether he is good enough. He is 19/20. All those lads have a long way to go.


I wouldn’t worry so much about Donal. He’s got Sutcliffe like talent - he’ll do just fine. He’s as good as anything we’ve had at underage in the last decade.

I’d be more worried about some of the others.


Ach i know that. Just doing the housekeeping here thats all.


How can country management call up under 21 players for challenge matches without speaking to clubs first, when under 21 club championship still on? What about the rules about the off season for collective county training and matches? Do the players not matter at all any more?


Rules are there to be ignored. Call the panels a development team and there are no rules re; collective county training and matches.


happens all the time - but shh you can’t say a bad word about last year’s u21 hurling management here