Dublin Senior Hurling Team 2017


Never buys a round though …


You’re v predictable some times :grinning:


Did the Dublin play a match against Meath on Saturday? Heard that they did and was wondering how we did? What kind of a team had we out?


Meath? We played Meath?

Sweet Lord of hosts.


Jaysus Alan

Nothing like a bit of good old fashioned hurling snobbery … the stuff us Dubs rail against …

As the Kilkenny man might have said a few years ago …

Dublin? We played Dublin?

Sweet Lord of hosts.


Played Training match v M**th last Wednesday down near Trim, I heard a lot U.21’s got run out and some new faces.

Does it really matter who we play if Management are getting a chance to tryout and see players.


They are playing Wexford in December as well. Just in case anyone was wondering


Is Danny togging?


Don’t mention the war, Peace …


Imagine an ex Cork footballer came in and destroyed the footballers the way GC has the hurlers.

There would be an actual witch hunt lead up the Malahide Rd to Parnell Park to oust him.

Were a football county through and through hurlers live off scraps in terms of players and the level of interest shown at board level.

Awful to see what he’s done and continues to do




I think that’s over the top. Because the next manager is going to benefit. So while he’s damaged the current state of play -3-4 years from now we’ll have an excellent basis of players around the 24 mark which is what Clare and Waterford have.

The current team is finished though I agree on that part. And I think it could have been done on a phased basis and handled a lot better on an individual basis with players that were going to be let go. Next year likely to be a write off unfortunately no two ways about it.


Totally agree with this. I think the younger lads would benefit more from the phased approach as well. Working with the older more experienced lads can teach them a lot and making them wait for an really earn their chance. It’s the way kilkenny phase youngsters in and it works well. Throwing them all in together is all well and good down the road but they could get too much too soon and it makes the next couple of years tougher (and probably shorter) then they needed to be. The GAA season being the way it is, you really benefit from being competitive as that gives you more matches.


I think the fundamental issue is he has a style of play in mind and it doesn’t suit a lot of the older players. (In his view)

I think what it’s underlined is that what a big chance we missed out on in 2013. It’s been a downward spiral since


i suspect that’s the issue as well.


I don’t agree we’ll have an excellent basis in 2/3 years and I wouldn’t blame AC for that actually.

The 21s had very little in the way of scorers up front, our current side is completely toothless up front when push comes to shove against the better sides.

The best forward in the DSHC is O’Rorke from Crokes he doesn’t have the size to compete with the Cathal Barretts and Paul Murphys of the world.

I don’t expect Dublin to be winning Leinster’s or All Irelands but defeats like Cork last year and Galway the year before were unacceptable in the manner we were tactically exposed.

The mood in the camp seems toxic and as I said imagine Grahme Canty took the Dublin footballers and we have the flux in the squad we’ve seen and the results.

There’d be blood on the steps of Parnell Park.


GC can’t be blamed for our inability to produce forwards in the inside line.

Unfortunately our three best underage players and forwards all went the football route. That’s Ciaran, Cormac and Con. Imagine them as a full forward line at hurling - lethal is not the word for it.

Can’t blame GC for that. Outside Danny we haven’t lost any free scoring forwards for next year. Paul Ryan is essentially a free-taker who scores heavy the odd time from play.

So that’s a separate issue to the toxic atmosphere in the camp.


It’s a separate issue but an important one too. Very valid points made here as we don’t seem to be producing the ‘natural forward’ and a lot of the ones we had in my opinion are gone ie. Danny, Sean Treacy( whom I think WILL be our best forward player with Mark in coming years in Cuala), Paul ryan and mccrabbe. I also think no matter who gets the job after Cunningham, the young players will have gotten some experience, but it will take a long long time to get that group (the best 25 available) back together again and some careers may be just gone for good. 2/3 years out of inter county hurling may spell the early end to some careers. Even for the likes of underage players the like of Winters, Mcclelland etc who showed real promise. However I do agree with the ‘blood on the steps’ of Parnell if this was football.


agreed with most above but anyone who thinks this group of young players are on a par with clare or waterford, or will be in 3 years time hasn’t been watching much minor, u21 or senior since 2013


I never said we were on a par. I said we’d have a similar age profile. Which are two very different things. It was a blessing in disguise we lost to galway at u21 because we’d have been wiped out in the final.

I do however think in terms of backs and midfielders of the panel for 2017 we can match the young players in the 18-22 bracket in most counties

what we don’t have is forwards at any age bracket and forwards win championships. So it’s going to be barren times ahead until that changes