Dublin Senior Hurling Team 2017


3 of the Goals scored that day were embarrassing and absolutely stopable. Some wrong decision making by the players on the field didn’t help either (penalty just before half time if I remember correctly).


Will never forget losing that game to Antrim, the lowest point ever for a Dublin hurling team. Dalys first game against Kilkenny, new broom, fresh ideas…6-12 to 0-12. there was no one clamouring to get him out on either of those occasions…although maybe there was after the Antrim game!!!


In Dalys book he talks alot about the various Dublin collapses throughout his reign. Described it as something that came out of nowhere and was always lurking around in big games. He kinda made out like he didn’t have control over it like sometimes it just happens no matter what you do.

I think Daly had as many calamities as good days with Dublin, but the good outweigh the bad considering the enormity of the prize of a league title and Leinster for Dublin hurling. How frustrating it would be if we never had got that Leinster by now, it was a massive step that Daly led the team to. An unforgettable day for a Dublin hurling fan. Jaysis Im depressing myself now…

Unfortunately his problem was loyalty to the old guard and stalwarts in the team, he didnt pick his team on form from what I seen. I dont know if thats what stopped him winning an all ireland or not but I believe he would not have had those yoyo seasons if not for this loyalty. That’s the sword he ultimately fell on in the end.

People can say he left us with an old team and all that lark, but in the end he left Dublin hurling in a better place than he found us. That for me is a job well done.


Whether the results were good or bad Daly treated his players and backroom team with respect. Was why everyone wanted to play for him and work with him. GC has treated our players disgracefully and has had to change his backroom team each season. His skills as a coach and manager come nowhere near making up for that sh1te.


On the back room team business, can someone give the exact detail please?? As far as I was aware, the lads the first year were only committing to that year. The second year…I dunno. At this stage in the game, the information on this thread has gotten very woolly around the edges, I just want to see whats fact and whats not.


Struggling to find a post that says he did a bad job. There was a lot of revisionism recently about Daly - if the 2014 thread was rehashed here some posters might take a break for s bit


*some of his players- specifically the ones he picked to play. There’s already been posts above that other players on that panel who weren’t happy but because they didn’t take to social media it’s assumed all was rosy.


From what I know he treated people properly and with respect. More than can be said for the current manager. How anyone here can believe Cunningham is doing a good job is beyond me. Outside of giving games to some of the younger players he has
been sgambolic in terms of championship results, tactics & player management. The sooner he is gone the better.


You love some hyperbole

  • I haven’t read anyone saying he’s doing a good job
  • I haven’t really seen a post saying anyone really wants him to stay
  • there is a way of letting people go and he did a very poor job in that regard .

What has been noted is this

  • he has introduced a lot of younger players
  • a lot of the disaffected players won’t be picked by a new manager anyway
  • the county board has come out of this very badly
  • a lot of the hard line posters wanted rid of Daly in 2014 too.


Bart at times you do make me laugh! Whatever about me and hyperbole you do love a bit of irony yourself :smile:

And whatever about the validity of the points you make, and I could certainly argue with some of them, there are most definitely some posters here who are happy enough with Cunningham.


Ah I don’t know about that. I heard Daly dropped players from the panel by leaving them a voicemail. That’s not treating them properly and with respect


No I dont think anyone did say he did a bad job, I was more making the point that he cant be faulted for the current mess we are in. He had his faults like very manager does. Why drag up a thread from 2 years ago? If there’s anyone on here that never got something wrong in a debate Id love to meet them.


What did Daly say about picking up lads at the Red Cow?
He was no saint either. Who is?


That red cow comment was absolutely valid. They were shocking that day!


Very interesting to see the Dublin Hurling Panel up on the Dublin GAA website. 3 of the midfielders are now gone. There was 4 so we gave ONE left.
It will be interesting to see how we line out next season.i


Not sure where to put it but big congratulations to Eamonn Trollier Dillon on winning Friends of Dublin Hurling player of the year 2016 and also to Eoghan O Donnell on winning young player.

Very negative in here for good reason but in Trollier, Bennett, Crummy, Barrett, O Donnell and O Callaghan people need to cheer up a little and remember that there is a hell of a lot of talent in our ranks even if next year is a right off the future remains bright for us.


Good post SI16


2016 Dublin Blue Stars to be announced today in The Hair-illed I’m told.


You mean the Hed-illed! Great paper to have a couple of pints with.


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