Dublin Senior Hurling Team 2017


Was very impressed with Paul Schutte today playing as a centre back. He looks comfortable further out the field. He looks to have bulked up a lot also. Would like to see him tried at midfield, feel like he could do a job in there.


I don’t agree, Sutcliffe has been our stand out player since he made his debut at senior. Even his last game v Waterford in the championship, he was head and shoulders above everyone else we had.

I think in general the guy deserves a bit of respect for what he gave to Dublin hurling and also to have his decision to walk away respected. He has not given any interviews or the like on the subject and has just gone and done his own thing (unlike Ryan O Dwyer, who walked away from the subs bench in Tipp and choose to put his oar into the debate in an interview earlier this year). Sutcliffe played very well for Dublin at senior and at underage, and then decided not to play for a while - there is no need to slag off the guy for any of that. There is an argument that he is the best player for 50 years, I am not sure it holds - but it has validity.

As regards expectation, that is mentioned above. Cunningham has somehow managed to lower expectations for everyone. We went from making the AI QF to being beaten by a shite Cork team in a qualifier, and somehow this was a good result. Losing a player in that game was the best thing that ever happened Cunningham in this job, as it gave him an excuse. We should have been able to beat that Cork team, missing two players.

I was applauding Cunningham’s bravery last year in making decisions - but they turned out to be not very good ones and he lost the courage of his convictions. The Rush thing to the forwards was either a good decision or a bad one, but to stick with it for so long and then change it at the very last minute was a disaster, it meant the whole set up of the team for the preceding league and championship games was pointless. Likewise the Dooley in goal thing was either a good idea or not - but he was convinced of it right up until the very last game, where he lost faith.

We get destroyed by Tipp and KK in the league, yet he puts out a similar type of half forward line in the championship games that got ate earlier. Even though, he made changes in both those games that actually improved the situation - but again he had no faith in his own changes.

Managers can be wrong, and I have no problem with mistakes (the mistake the Football management made in the Donegal game was one of the best things that ever happened), even multiple mistakes are fine. But at some stage you have to be right and in two years Cunningham hasn’t been. We spent 5 years building up this team to be able to take on the big guys on the big days - but Cunningham decides to put guys under the puck out like McMorrow and Treacy - there is no alternative universe where that was going to work.

We have serious talent coming through, we are Leinster minor and U21 champions. Probably not All Ireland winning quality - but very decent all the same. And it is possible we will have success despite Cunningham. It is also possible that Cunningham has gone away and thought about all this and will come back with a better plan. I don’t know they guy, so can’t judge his ability to learn. But what is very apparent to me is that his first year was ok because he kept the general make up of the team that was there under Daly and last year ended badly, because he made his own decisions and he made wrong ones.

I assume he still has the gig because he has told the DCB what he is going to improve next year, so I am hoping for something. But I suspect that a lot of his talents are political and based around an ability to tell the right people the right things, but next year will tell.

Personally I would not have risked another year of him, because it is a massive high risk, the biggest taken by the DCB in many many years. It might pay off because he has learned or it might pay off despite him and because of the talents of the likes of O Donnell, Barrett, Kelly etc. We will see… But a good bit of the excitement is gone out going to see them now because we won’t see the catching and scoring that we were getting from Danny. We will see functional hurling when we have the ball and we will do ok. When we meet the big teams who push us off the ball, we will see what happens…


Very good post and you are right about Danny. His decision must be respected. What happened with O’Dwyer against Tipperary, was he even playing that day in the league? We need to teach our youngsters how to compete aggressively in the air and build them up to do that, until we have forwards who can win ball that way, we going nowhere.Kilkenny’s goal against us that JonJo scored came from a Dublin puck out that Tracey and other failed to try catch, I think they were scared to put their hands up actually and the Kilkenny centre back gladly grabbed it and played it into the danger zone.


We don’t have serious talent coming through.

Clare won 3 u21 all Irelands in a row - that’s serious talent in my view

We won a leinster u21 beating wexford, Westmeath and offaly and lost to an average Galway team .

That’s average.


Yes, Clare have won 3 x u21 AI, but, their Seniors haven’t Won in Munster in 3 years also.

Something wrong with their “Serious Talent” if it’s not having an impact on their Senior results.

We’ve got possibly 5 from this years 21’s who’ve had Senior experience and IMO held their own at Senior level in 2016.


Three in my view. Shane, Eoghan and Chris. And all of them are done well at senior level

We need forwards - when your centre-back and wing back have to come up the pitch in an AI Semi final to bail you out it doesn’t bode well.


8.49 in, Bart.

But I get your point! :slight_smile:


Clare’s failure to develop their U21 talent is down almost entirely to one man. They could well push on now.


Big time


He was a pundit on setanta for one of our league games this year, not exactly keeping quiet, and rather disrespectful to sit and critique former teammates that you walked away from got whatever reason.


Most pundits nowadays analyse games their former team mates play in- there’s any number of examples.
If he’s going to do it he might as well do it right and call it as he sees it- which is what he did do- we were woeful that night.


Pundits who retired after long careers and have no chance of ever playing with those lads again. Big difference.


The length of their careers is completely irrelevant.
As for not playing with them again, how do you know that he won’t? Signs are pointing in that direction at the minute so he’s just like any other former inter county player of which there’s no shortage in punditry.


I think commenting on current team mates that you could still be very much part of is out of line in my opinion.

Scenarios where people are retired are entirely different.

Danny had one fantastic season 3 years ago.

People saying he was our best ever player are talking hogwash.


But they’re not current team mates- they’re former team mates and there’s a good chance he won’t play with them again.
So no different than any other pundit


Lads refresh my memory has to who “left” the panel under Cunningham? Sutcliffe. Cronin last summer. Who else? Nolan and Lambert dropped. Kelly and SChutte injured? Keaney retired. Who “left”?

Keaney was as good as done. Cronin was a decent impact sub never a quality player and as has been stated Danny was living off 2013 as much as I’d love him around, his form was no where near outstanding.

Don’t see a mass exodus at all under Cunningham. And I’d say those that did done so because he might have upset the clique that was there. I love Dalo but he admitted himself he may have stuck by the same men too long…

Cunningham has faults and it’s any mans right to there opinion, but in time I think Cunninghams years will be similar to Tommy Naughtin, blooded a lot of players who will land rewards for a future manager.


Unless we find a few John Mc grath’s soon it won’t matter who the next manager is .


Any kid can become any player they want. It’s coaching that holds them back. I’ve a sneaky feeling were coaching natural talents to be a certain type of player play a certain type of way and if they ain’t fit enough at 14 good luck to you.

Plenty of talent out there. Just needs to be let show its talents


Sean Treacy has made himself unavailable for next year. Cian Boland still remains uncommitted it seems. And there may be more.

The fact it that it doesn’t matter how many have left. One is too many. And the revisionism on Sutcliffe is unbelievable. He was a three year minor and one of the best hurlers the county has ever produced. He all but ended Tommy Walsh as a hurler in Cody’s eyes and is a superb talent. Having bad spells doesn’t change that. And ultimately we live in an era where the players simply have to be kept happy. Their commitment requires it. And that’s not a view I would have held even a decade ago. But I do now.

If an entire panel isn’t heading in the one direction then you are at nothing. Any manager once Daly left would have had to start blooding some new players. Giving Cunningham credit for that is a nonsense.

Unless the players believe 100% in what the manager is doing then he, and they, are wasting their time.


Sean Treacy is far from a regular on the senior side nor is Cian Boland. Two 21 year olds not committing would not cause me panic. If the likes ofRushe Kelly Maguire walked then you’d wonder what the craic is.

Why has a man like Paul Ryan not walked if things are that bad? He more then any would have reason to. He’s hung on.

And you can’t credit Cunningham for blooding players? Maybe so, but he had no choice did he, he was left a tired and worn out squad, well 20 lads maybe.