Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2019


have scoil a team equipped for senior b? They usually have a lot of dual players , might be a step too far unless they have a few young lads coming through


I was surprised that they didn’t go further last year in intermediate… logically speaking if you are not good enough to get to the final of the inter how could you be equipped for senior?


Are Plunkets not senior A as they were in the final of the senior B last year


If you look at the original list posted at the start of this thread there is no mention of Plunketts


If they wers beaten semi finalists last year how are they senior A this year?


They were beaten in the final by Faughs


sorry id totally forgotten that I had it in my head crokes beat them in the semi

you were right then they have no hope of winning the senior b!!!


Just to clarify Plunketts and Faughs went up to Senior A, Raheny and Crumlin came down :joy::joy:


based on the actual participants ill go Raheny. Not sure Crumlin will have enough after the transfers out


I’d go with Crokes. Thomas Davis Cuala and Rahney as my semi finalists


Ground hurler tipped them to win it I was just saying I thought they were promoted which they were that’s the reason Plunkets were mentioned


So were Scoil confirmed as Senior B on Monday night?