Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2019


Not sure how they can just promote Scoil in Marks place though. Towers, Sylvesters, Clontarf, Vincents B, Isles and Kevins should also be considered


That’s the confusing part. No way they could just cherry pick a team to go up or at least I hope they didn’t. Maybe they approached the other semi finalists?


Marks v Scoil went to a replay in the semi final. Maybe they just allocated the spot to them. Also the only AHL2 team of the ones mentioned above.


Sylvesters and Isles are in AHL 2 but the division a team is in has no bearing. Cuala are in AHL3 as are Crokes, Pats, Boden and Na Fianna.

Towers staying up is probably the most logical choice. One team up from Inter (Cuala), one team down from Sen B (Parnells)


That may have been more logical alright. But logic doesn’t come into these things as we have seen before.


That’s crazy if scoil go up instead marks. I seen marks in semis and final last year and they while they wouldnt be in the top 8 in senior B I don’t think they take any hammerings. They have 3/4 good young lads coming through too. It’s Not a big step up from inter to senior B compared to senior b and senior A.


Maybe their paying Scoil back for Cuala game a few years ago.


That would have made the most sense for sure


@Boarddelegate1 might be able to explain the logic behind it all


Would agree.
Can see the appeals flooding in from Towers, Syls, Isles etc if that is the case.

In my eyes if a team doesn’t want to go up then fine, only one team should be promoted and therefore only one demoted.




That’s 3 former county hurlers Counsel have got back now. They should be flying in their league and championship.

Don’t think Kevin is gone back . Played with Counsel as a kid but a good few years hurling with Crumlin . Luke Blood is the third lad from the senior team . The few other transfers are minors going back afaik


Seems I was wrong on Kevin Byrne transferred to counsel. Luke blood is indeed the other name on the infamous list


With Liam Rushe with St.Pats, and 3 or 4 SHCB games scheduled the week of Dublin games. how will the Co.Board work it so that come the Q-Final, that Pats won’t still have 3/4 games left to play???


Just on Lucozades point of Marks being tight on numbers as the reason not be in this grade , what has that got to do with whether they play Inter or Senior B ? 15 a side in both competitions is it not ?


Happened few years back, Raheny had to wait nearly 6wks if not more for their 1/4 final,as the other group wasn’t finished due to Castleknock waiting on Ciaran Kilkenny.


And surely Scoil would prefer to go up winning it?


Tough one to call this…Ill go Plunketts


They have no hope


Why? Were tbey not semi finalists last year?


They were. Just can’t Plunketts making any progress in the competition this year